Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Turning Left at NHMS

Happy Wordless Wednesday!  The NELCAR Legends raced on the morning of the Sprint Cup race at NHMS last month.  The day before we displayed the Hooligan Motorsports #8 car at our sponsor, The Healthy Buffalo. 

HB_display_71611b HB_display_71611n

HB_display_Nic_71611 HB_display_Matt_71611

Pratice_nhms_71711v LinedUpForFeature_71711e

DSC_3207[1] DSC_3309[1]

Pratice_nhms_71711l DSC_3230[1]

1 comment:

SissySees said...

Miss having buffalo at our disposal here. We can get it from one or two upscale grocers, but we used to have our own local farm/packer/whatever...

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