Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whole Lotta Rosie

Remember the itty bitty who stole our hearts over the summer?  The reason why I feel for a little dog?  Her name is Rosie and she's the petite girl with big eyes...

Rosie_82011c Rosie_82111d

Of course you remember her... but you may or may not recall that she came back for a week long stay at the Lapdog B&B in August while her new parents were away.  Since I'm playing catch up on photos, now is a better time than ever to share some from that fun summer week, right?

First let me refresh your memory on how tiny she was when she first came to us in June...

Rosie_62511c Sophie_Rosie_62511b Rosie_62511b Lola_Rosie_62511m

It's no wonder I feel for her... is she not stinking cute or what?  Anyway... back to her August visit...

Rosie_81611b ZeusRosie_82111

She made herself (back) at home right away...

Rosie_82111 SophieRosie_82111

This is my absolute favorite shot from Rosie's vacation with us.  She and Sophie were enjoying the morning sun.


It was wonderful to have Rosie back at our house for the week.  She was a bundle of energy, puppy kisses and cuddles.  When she first got to our house, she was all wiggly and excited to see us, which made me smile.  At the end of the week, we met her Mama and big sister Rascal at the dog park and she was all wiggly and excited to see them... and that really made me smile!  I know she was in her perfect forever home.

Here is Rosie with big sis Rascal at the dog park.  It totally looks they're sharing a little secret in the last one, doesn't it?

DogPark_RosieRascal_82111 DogPark_Rascal_82111


Lola and Rosie enjoying the park... big smiles and all!

DogPark_LolaRosie_82111c DogPark_LolaRosie_82111


Old Lady Lola quickly transforms from playing to relaxing at the park..

DogPark_Lola_82111b DogPark_Lola_82111

Rosie wanted to make friends with the biggest doggies at the park, while Lola and Rascal both kept an eye on the little tyke...

DogPark_Rosie_82111 DogPark_LolaRascal_82111

Here are some newer shots of the growing girl that her Mama recently sent over.  The first one makes me LOL.  It was taken shortly after she was spayed and was on some of the goody-pills, ha ha!

Rosie_1111 Rosie1812


Rosie_1211 Rosie_1211b

It's wonderful to see Rosie living the good life!  Hopefully we'll have a chance to visit soon!


SissySees said...

Cute cutie... I love how the big dogs watch over her.

Marjie said...

It must have seemed funny to have a little dog around the regular sized pack, but she is adorable. I'm always happy that you help so many dogs in need to find loving homes.

Sue said...

Wow, she's growing up, but still very cute.

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