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REVIEW: Knitter's Pride

Knitter's Pride

Magma Pattern Holder & Notions

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Pretty.  Useful.  Organized.  Those are three little words every crafter desires to have associated with his or her tools.  When you can add Affordable to that list, things get even better.  I've found those four things in some Knitter's Pride notions and want to tell you all about them!  I was given the opportunity to review five items from their line...

KnittersPride_213eAluminum Stitch Holders - Hold your stitches in style with blue, pink and gold holders. These lockable holders are easy to use, without snagging your project, and come in three convenient sizes.  I really appreciate how smooth the tips are, as I have others in my notions bag that could double as weapons!

Aluminum Cable Needles - These traditionally shaped cable needles add a little kick to your notions bag in shades of blue and pink.  The smooth tapered tips allow you to easily grab stitches, while the V-shape holds them in place.  The 2-pack consists of US sizes 2 and 6.

Dreamz Cable Needles - This set of three colorful, lightweight wooden cable needles has instantly become a favorite of mine!  I tend to lean towards wooden cable needles and these ones are, as the name implies, a dream to work with!  I adore the blue, pink and green colors, which certainly make these cable needles the prettiest in my knitting bag.  The smooth tapered tips easily glide through stitches and the grooves cut into the straight needles prevent the stitches from slipping off.  The 3-pack consists of US sizes 3, 6 and 9.

DPN Tubes - These little cylinders are designed to hold and protect your double-pointed needles... with or without your project still attached!  The rigid, telescopic tubes are made of recycled acid-free paper which give them a rich, leatherette look. While I've seen these available in lots of catalogs and on several websites, I realized I've never seen anyone actually use them and now I know why.  While they are perfect for storing delicate DPN needles without a project attached, I'm not sold on using them with a project attached.  I tried a tube with two different projects, socks and mitts, and was not pleased with either outcome.  After some wiggling, I got the projects to fit in the tubes, but not without fear of snagging said project or damaging the yarn.  Final verdict on the DPN Tubes: I will certainly use them to store DPN needles (especially when transporting in a knitting bag or for travel - they truly are perfect for that), but I will not use them to store a WIP.

KnittersPride_213bMagma Pattern Holder - Truly the mother of all pattern holders!  Magma lays flat when folded, stands upright (vertically or horizontally), has a pocket to hold your pattern or notes, as well as a pen pocket, and a snap closure to make sure everything stays put.  The three small magnets hold your patten in place and the extra long magnet works as an indicator guide, making chart reading a breeze.  With useful fully covered, Magma then brings the pretty with it's black poly-jacquard fabric cover.  Available in two sizes, small and large, I was sent the large size for review.  Measuring in at 10" x 12" closed, and 20" x 12" open, the large Magma is ideal for all of your chart reading needs and is truly a lace knitter's dream.

If you're looking to add useful, pretty tools to your knitting bag, Knitter's Pride is where they're at!  Get - or stay - organized!

Disclosure: Knitters Pride sent a the above items to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.


HH and The Boys said...

Very nice post about all sorts of things for knitters. HH is a knitter... we'll send her back for a closer look.

hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

Marjie said...

New toys are good! Useful new toys are better! Glad you got something to enjoy by yourself, instead of sharing with the Lapdogs!

tubby3pug said...

Look at all that great knitting stuff! I am dying to knit more but never seem to have the time

urban hounds

Sue said...

I have those stitch holders, couldn't live without them, and the cable holders, too. I guess the needle holders would do for storage, but I can't imagine putting them on a project in the works. Seems like too much work.

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