Monday, April 27, 2015

#RoyalCanin Takes the Guesswork out of Pet Nutrition

This post is sponsored by PetSmart, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Royal Canin Pet Health Nutrition, but Lapdog Creations only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. PetSmart is not responsible for the content of this article.

2015-04-24_06-54-39All dog food is not created equal, and all dogs do not require the same nutritional formula.  As a multi-dog household who currently purchases two different dry dog food formulas, I have a little experience when it comes to those facts.  And, I will be happy to tell you that it has taken many, many years to learn about good pet health nutrition and to understand which formulas work best for each of my fur-kids.

PetSmart_Logo_CMYKBut, you don't have to endure the years of trial and error that I did! The experts at Royal Canin® have developed specialized formulas that take the guesswork out of the equation for both cats and dogs, according to breed and size. And, they are conveniently located at PetSmart® locations, as well as online at

"Royal Canin® is a global leader in pet health nutrition. In an industry that continues to adapt to popular trends in cat and dog food, our mission will remain the same; to constantly bring, through Health Nutrition and shared knowledge, the most precise nutritional solution for cats’ and dogs’ health nutrition needs, by building on constantly deepened scientific knowledge and Royal Canin’sroots in the feline and canine professional networks."

Royal Canin Breed Health canine formulas are tailor made to address the issues of pure bred dogs.  Each formula not only features the best protein source and unique nutrients for that particular breed, but the kibble itself is also custom designed in size, shape and texture.  Plus, each breed specific recipe is available for both puppies and adult dogs.  Whether you've got a hungry, growing Boxer puppy or an adult German Shepherd to feed tonight, Royal Canin has got you covered. Learn more about the breed specific nutrition here

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Sunday morning greetings from the hounds... #dogstagram #muttstagram #dogsofinstagram #instadog
For those of you who might not need a breed specific formula (raise your hand if you're a proud parent of a mutt!), Royal Canin also offers sized-based nutrition formulas.  Whether you have a 5 pound chihuahua or a 150 pound mutt, these formulas are designed to cover all shapes and sizes - literally!  For very small and small dogs, check out X-Small or Mini.  For medium dogs, check out the appropriately named Medium.  Large dogs will benefit from Maxi, and giant dogs will want, what else... Giant.

Using Royal Canin's weight range, both Teutul and Sophie are just barely into the large dog weight range and require the Maxi formula.

Royal Canin is a global company who's worldwide headquarters was built in 1968 in Southern France. This facility remains one of the world's most advanced pet manufacturing facilities today.

The company's US headquarters is located in St. Charles, Missouri, with manufacturing facilities in Missouri and South Dakota. All of the Royal Canin pet food distributed in the US is made in company-owned plants located either in the US or Canada. 

When it comes to your dog's (or cat's!) health and nutrition, feeding him a healthy, balanced diet couldn't be easier. Not only can you get individualized pet nutrition based on either breed or size, you can get it conveniently at PetSmart (click here to find the location closest to you) or online at Plus, when I was perusing the Royal Canin aisle at my local PetSmart, I noticed they are currently running a "Spend $50, Get $10 Coupon" deal!


Talent Hounds said...

Thanks for the sale tip, Royal Canin is so great.

Groovy Goldendoodles said...

Great info - thanks

Marjie said...

Jeff has had problems with his puppy's food. The only food he can tolerate without "digestive issues" (to keep it not gross) is Blue Buffalo. Natasha, on the other hand, eats anything, and I keep a bag of food here for her.

Kristen–well minded said...

Great info, and great pics. Thanks for letting us know about the deal.

Unknown said...

Great information. We are learning so much about Royal Canin. I had never considered that breeds might require different nutrition, I know that sounds silly!

Talking-Dogs said...

Proud dog mom of 2 mutts here, but I need to check this out for my Lab!

Sue said...

I wonder if there is any difference in the breed foods. Maybe a tweak but I'm a skeptic.

Golden Daily Scoop said...

Great info! I love how they have breed specific formulas. It really does make sense! Next time we are at PetSmart we will have to check it out!

Kenyetta said...

This was one of the brands we used to use! Was happy with it!

pilch92 said...

2 of my cats have been on the prescription food for allergies for years and love it.

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