Thursday, April 02, 2015

REVIEW: della Q Willa Bag

Disclosure: della Q sent a Willa bag to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

della Q Willa Bag

Where to Find: della Q


I've been a fan of della Q bags for several years now, and am always excited to see what she'll offer up next.  Della's knitting bags are always practical, yet quite fashionable too.  Her fabrics are bold and vibrant, yet stand the test of time and fashion trends.

Whether you prefer to knit or crochet, carrying your projects around in a della Q bag will not only put a smile on your face, but on those around you as well.  And I'm not just saying that because Della created my ultimate small project bag that makes people smile everywhere I go (I'll confess, I now own the "Paws Off My Knitting" bag in three colors)!

Since I'm sure you're noticing the colorful leaves in my photos, I will confess and say that I  received the Willa bag for review late last fall.  However, if you're a regular follower here, you know that life has gotten in the way somewhat over the past four months or so. Namely, losing this sweet, sweet girl who was always right there to help her Mama photograph items for review.

Anyway, back to the bag.  The beautiful, big bag.  Willa is a simple, yet very functional, shoulder bag.  She measures 15" tall, 19.5" wide, and 6" deep with a shoulder strap drop of a perfect 12.5".  To give you a better idea of just how large and roomy Willa is, here she is next to the Cleo Yarn Cady


And, here she is with the Cleo Yarn Caddy, another small project bag, and some magazines stuffed inside.  Isn't Willa awesome?  (And, no, I don't regularly carry around large project bags inside of larger project bags)


Willa isn't just big, however, she's also a great organizer thanks to the 2 interior open pockets, as well as a zip pocket, all of which are secured by an overall zipper. You'll find a roomy open pocket on the exterior as well, which is great for easy access to frequently used items.

2014-11-16_01-16-40The vibrant blue floral print you see here is called Kensington. If this colorful number isn't your fancy, don't worry, Willa is currently available in 3 additional prints;  Meridian, a black and white geographic print; Latona, a red, white and grey floral print; and Market, a tan and white with slight lime green accent geographic print.  I'll be honest... if I had ordered Willa myself, I probably would have gone with Market or Latona.  But that would have been me playing it safe, and I'm so glad Della didn't ask for my color preference because Kensington is indeed outside of my usual comfort zone and I adore her!  I can't wait to carry this bag everywhere this summer.

Which leads me to point out that if you don't need a large project bag, or heck, maybe you're not even a knitter, gasp, Willa would also make the perfect travel companion or beach bag.  With the main compartment zipper, she can easily secure all of your carry on items in flight, and with her simple black fabric bottom, you won't have to worry about setting her down in the sand.  Willa would also be a great tote for Mom's of toddlers transitioning from the ho-hum baby bag to something more stylish.  And Sophie wants you to know that Willa could also be used to tote around your furkids stuff...

Sophie is helping me #review the HUGE #dellaQ Willa #bag Seriously, this thing is big enough for a weekend trip or a few months worth of your projects!! Stay tuned to the blog. #love #knitting #knitstagram #knitterproblems #crochet

Treat yourself to a Willa, or any of the other fabulous styles from della Q today.  Willa would also make a fabulous Graduation or Mother's Day gift. 


Marjie said...

I was going to comment that the girls look disappointed that they didn't find anything good in that bag, since it looks like it was designed specifically to carry treats and toys! I like the bold floral print.

Robin said...

That is a really fun bag! I love all of the bright colors. I appreciate bags like this because I'm always carrying a ton of stuff with me when I leave home.

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