Monday, August 31, 2015

Who's That Doggy on Daddy's Car?

Is it really Monday already?  :::yawn:::  We definitely need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday - don't you agree? 

The humans had a fairly busy weekend, which started off Friday evening doing a sponsor appearance with the race car.  This just wasn't any 'ole sponsor appearance, however... this was our first at Lazy Dog Beer Shoppe!


For those of you who pay close attention, you probably noticed the Lazy Dog decal on the race car in last Wednesday's post. Doesn't it look awesome?


Honey certainly thinks so!  She's the lovable, happy-go-lucky, Lazy Dog mascot, and quite the celebrity herself (follow Lazy Dog on Instagram if you don't already). We heard that when  she grows up, she wants to be a race-doggy-driver...


The humans had a wonderful time at Lazy Dog, seeing lots of familiar faces who stopped by and meeting many new fans.  And, one of us even got some Honey kisses.




photo collage from Lazy Dog's Instagram

Unfortunately, the Lapdogs were at home and missed the party.  They don't know who this Honey chick thinks she is, putting her face on their Daddy's race car and even sitting in it - gasp - but since she sent treats home for them, they seem to be pretty okay with it. 

20150828_190235-1 20150828_190232-1

Nope, they don't seem to care that Daddy's cheating on them with a pittie named Honey...


Won't you join us on Monday Mischief hop today?


Donna said...

Yes - an extra day after Sunday would be most appreciated! Try and stay cool this week. It's supposed to be a hot one!

Unknown said...

That's hilarious! Your dogs don't seem jealous at all!

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

Unknown said...

Yep, the dogs seem pretty relaxed about the whole cheating thing!! BOL

Sue said...

Guess the car will get the once over to check out the stranger in the driver's seat.

Marjie said...

The pictures of the Lazy Dog in the race car are just adorable! And the Lapdogs do seem completely unconcerned...just looking for those snacks.

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