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REVIEW: Bullymake Box

Disclosure: Bullymake sent a single month subscription box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Bullymake Box

Where to Find: Bullymake


What dog doesn't love getting a big 'ole box packed full of treats and toys? The Lapdogs sure do and boy did they get their tails wagging when a Bullymake box showed up on our doorstep!

2015-07-22_04-38-47 2015-07-22_04-42-13

Yes, Bullymake is another in the long line of monthly subscription boxes on the market for our dogs.  And, yes, the market seems to be flooded with subscription box services, but Bullymake is a little different

Perhaps you've got one of those dogs who seems to think every. single. toy. that comes into the house MUST be destroyed?  Does your pooch enjoy ripping the head off of his stuffies?  Perhaps she shreds rope toys faster than you can bat an eye?  We all know at least one of these chewsters, and know someone who's ashamed of that pile of dead toys in the corner.

2015-07-22_04-44-06 2015-07-22_04-37-36

Enter Bullymake...

Unlike other subscription services, Bullymake has been designed specifically for heavy chewers. That's right... a monthly subscription box designed for our dogs who love to chew... and chew, and chew! You won't find flimsy toys in this box. Instead, what you will find are durable, tough toys made for heavy chewers, plus treats they'll savor for more than three seconds.

Each Bullymake box contains 4-5 premium, full-size items designed to keep your dog happy and healthy throughout the month - this is not a box of items that will be destroyed in seconds!  Plus, all of the toys and treats are hand selected to match your dog's weight.


Bullymake works much the same as the other subscription services, however their sign-up process is much simpler:
  1. Choose your plan. (all prices include free shipping in the USA, add $6 per month for shipments to Canada) 
    • 1 month $39
    • 3 months $36 per month
    • 6 months $33 per month
    • 12 months $29 per month
  2. Check out.
    • In addition to entering your shipping and billing details, you will also have the chance to enter your dog's weight.  This ensures the toys and treats will be best suited for your pooch.
  3. Sit back and wait.
    • Boxes are shipped on the 10th and 20th of every month - depending on your order date.  This means you will never have to wait a full 30 days before your dog's first box of joy arrives. 
Before I tell you what we found inside our Bullymake box, I want to tell you what we did not ... pretty packaging and wordy inserts. Other than the adorable Bullymake sticker on the outside of the box, there are no frills. I actually asked if they forgot to include an insert in our box, as I'm used to finding something that tells you more about their service, as well as the products inside. The folks over at Bullymake told me they purposely do not include inserts, and they know they certainly don't have the pretties packaging, but that is all in an effort to keep costs down for the consumer... while still delivering high quality, long-lasting toys and tasty treats. As a marketing professional, I miss some of the fun inserts and pretty boxes, but as a dog Mom, I really appreciate the efforts to keep my costs down. After all, our dogs don't give a cat's meow as to what the box looks like, right?


Okay, here's what we found in our Bullymake:

  • Romp-N-Roll from Jolly Pets (6" size)
    • First of all, I love that this is Made in the USA!  This ball with rope attached is a great versatile toy for any dog, whether they love to tug, chase or swim. Would be excellent for the beach or backyard.
  • Dogwood Stick from Petstages (large size)
    • Also Made in the USA toy - love! I've seen these at Petco, but never picked one up. All of my dogs love to chase or chew on sticks, but we all know that can be dangerous. These "sticks" combine real wood with synthetic strength to create a "safer stick." The natural wood smell seemed appealing to Tut. Bonus, it floats!
2015-07-22_04-43-27 2015-07-22_04-42-51
  • Fetcher from Red Barn.
    • We haven't tried this chew yet, which is made from beef esophagus and pizzle.
  • Crunch Bars from Snicky Snaks
    • We received two of these treat bars, Blueberry and Banana Coconut.  The all natural, organic treats are Made in the USA.  The first thing I noticed was they smelled amazing.  I wanted to gobble one up myself!  The bars easily break into pieces and the Lapdogs went nuts for them!

2015-07-22_04-39-27 2015-07-22_04-40-40 
The Lapdogs adored their Bullymake box and Mama approved of all of the contents (and plans to look further into Snicky Snaks treats).  If you've got a heavy chewer, this is the subscription box for you (and yes, I mean you as in the human... because you'll be happy to finally have some toys that your little love-bug won't destroy in seconds)! 

Bullymake also offers gift subscriptions.  Perhaps you have a fellow doggy Mom or Dad with their very own destruction muffin?  Do them all a favor and give them the best gift of all!


Ruby said...

YUMMERS!!!!! And OMD, I gots two of those Jolly Balls!!! LOVE THEM! Ma furst got me the ones with the 'handles', butts I chewed the handle off! BOL!!! So, then she bought the ones with the ropes and I loves them. I don't play with them as much as I did as a pup, butts I do break it out every once in a while! I really recommend them for the youngin's!
Nows those treatie bars sound amazin'! I'll take two please!!
Ruby ♥

Sue said...

I looked up the Snicky Snaks and they make a Sweet Potato Pie that my boys could eat. I think I'll give them a try. The toys look like they should last a bit longer than the plushies.

Anonymous said...

I bought a bullymake box. I am very disappointed with the box and with the service. I have emailed them 3 times with no response. The box came with 1 toy a Kong squeezz, 2 rib toys, 1 small bacon chew, and 1 petstages dogwood stick. I have emailed them 3 times to cancel with no response.

Unknown said...

We absolutely love our Bullymake Boxes! Customer service has been more than accommodating... We have been subscribed for close to a year now and we will continue with them. I'd say over 80 percent of the toys are still lasting today and the dogs love the treats.

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