Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thankful Thursday: My Three Goofballs

Over the past couple of months, I've posted several "Thankful Thursday" posts, mostly about the little things in life.  After all, it's those little things that truly matter most...

I'm always thankful for these three goofballs in my life. They make me smile and laugh every day. And sure, at times, they even get me a little angry annoyed with some of their bad habits, but you can't stay mad at these faces for very long. At least not without laughing out loud...


I'm thankful for two senior members of the pack to teach Penny the ropes.  Although, some days, I can't help but think the joke is all on me.  Don't these faces just look like they're up to something?  Perhaps teaching Penny all of those bad habits they've picked up over the years? 

Tut has been teaching Penny about crinkly bags (which contain those tasty things the humans refer to as chips, pretzels or popcorn) and ice cream bowls (which are required to be licked, because we all know the dishwasher just can't get them clean).  


Sophie has been teaching her little sister the art of "I can't hear you."  Although, Penny isn't very good at this little trick yet... she still thinks that if her humans are calling her name, it must mean they have a treat or they require immediate kisses/licks/paws/puppy in their lap.


As for still-learning-all-the-ropes Penny, I'm thankful that our little girl loves to be with us, and that we can take her just about anywhere. We made it a point to take her to the race track right away (she arrived here in New England one Saturday, and the following she was at her first race in Maine). Penny immediately became the center of attention and everyone thought it was adorable when she would fall asleep in my arms watching her Daddy race those first few weeks.  Can you believe these shots were taken just three short months ago?

2015-05-31_10-06-35 20150522_173628-1

Penny quickly dropped her rookie stripes and has become a race veteran. She just loves being at the track, and is not too happy when she sees us packing up for a race that she cannot attend.  Like her humans, the pits have been Penny's second home this summer.



What are you thankful for today?


Golden Daily Scoop said...

She is growing up so fast and is learning from the best! I am thankful for my three healthy dogs who get along so well and is happy to see me every day as I am to see them! :)

Angry Girl Fitness said...

I didn't realize you had a new pup! What a cutie!!!

Unknown said...

It's nice to take a moment to be thankful. I think Penny proves that if you trust your dog and take her with you they'll adjust to anything. Love Dolly

Marjie said...

That first shot does look like a canine conspiracy in the making. I hope Penny will learn to enjoy the puppy pool!

2browndawgs said...

Oh I bet the older dogs have lots to share with Penny. :)

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