Monday, February 29, 2016

Zuke's Z-Bones Make Dogs Smile #ChewyInfluencer #NationalPetOralHealthCareMonth

Disclosure: Chewy sent a bag of Zuke's Z-Bones to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Did you know February is National Pet Oral Health Care Month? 

To help spread the word, our friends over at sent us a bag of Zuke's Z-Bones to try and tell you all about.

The Lapdogs Love Zuke's Z-Bones! #ChewyInfluencer #NationalPetOralHealthCareMonth #DentalTreats ©LapdogCreations

Zuke's Z-Bones help freshen breath and clean teeth the natural way - without wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyll.

A potato and pea-based formula make the chews highly digestible, while natural additives like alfalfa, parsley, rosemary and fennel freshen breath by supporting digestion.  Nutrient-rich ingredients such as apples, pumpkin and cherries provide powerful sources of antioxidants.

 Sophie's got her eys on the prize - a Zuke's Z-Bone dental chew!  #ChewyInfluencer #NationalPetOralHealthCareMonth #DentalTreats ©LapdogCreationsTeutul can't wait for his Zuke's Z-Bone dental chew!  #ChewyInfluencer #NationalPetOralHealthCareMonth #DentalTreats ©LapdogCreations
Best of all, the bone-shaped treats were designed to scrape and polish dog's teeth as they chew on them, never suspecting a thing about the health benefits!  shhh... Teutul has no idea he was "brushing his teeth" and I'd like to keep it that way!

Shhh.. Teutul Thinks Zuke's Z-Bones are Delicious and has no idea they're helping to keep his teeth clean!  #ChewyInfluencer #NationalPetOralHealthCareMonth #DentalTreats ©LapdogCreations

Z-Bones are available in three delicious flavors:
Shhh.. Teutul Thinks Zuke's Z-Bones are Delicious and has no idea they're helping to keep his teeth clean!  #ChewyInfluencer #NationalPetOralHealthCareMonth #DentalTreats ©LapdogCreations
  • Clean Apple Crisp
  • Clean Berry Crisp
  • Clean Carrot Crisp
And, four different sizes:
  • Mini for dogs 10 - 25 lbs
  • Regular for dogs 25 - 60 lbs
  • Large for dogs 60 - 90 lbs
  • Giant for dogs 90+ lbs

The Lapdogs received the regular size, apple bones to review and if you can't tell by the photos, they loved them! 
Not only do Z-Bones make their tails wag, they make this doggy Mama smile!  I feel confident in giving them a highly digestible, natural dental chew that is Made in the USA.

Key Benefits of Zuke's Z-Bones
  • Made in the USA 
  • Highly digestible
  • Natural ingredients which freshen breath by supporting digestion
  • Helps polish teeth, freshen breath, and maintain healthy gums
  • Available in multiple sizes to accommodate all dogs* 10 lbs or larger
*Zuke's Z-Bones are not suitable for dogs less than 10 pounds or less than 6 months of age.

Penny is all PAWS up for Zuke's Z-Bones!  #ChewyInfluencer #NationalPetOralHealthCareMonth #DentalTreats ©LapdogCreationsPenny and her Lapdog siblings are giving Zuke's Z-Bones all paws up... way up!  They love their tasty Z-Bones and think your dog will too! 

After all, what dog can't use a little help with keeping his breath fresh and her teeth sparkling? They'll thank you for the tasty treat and you won't have to chase them around the house with the evil toothbrush!  

Grab a bag of Zuke's Z-Bones at Chewy today and watch your dog's tail wag with joy. 

But don't forget... the whole teeth cleaning thing is just between us humans!


tubby3pug said...

These treats are one of my favorites

retro rover

Marjie said...

Sue's pack enjoyed these, too! Chewy always has great stuff for the pups.

Sue said...

They make our breath clean and fresh, but we know how to fix that.

Rascal and Rocco said...

I love that they are grain free so I could let Max give these a try. They sound great ~RascalandRocco

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