Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Heavy Chewer? Get a #BullyMake Box + COUPON

Disclosure: Bullymake sent a single month subscription box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

The Lapdogs got their first taste of a Bullymake Box back in August, and really enjoyed the toys and treats. 

Their Mama loved the fact that the treats were of high quality, but even more, I love that the toys have stood up to the test of time... and puppy teeth!  Penny was just turning 5 months old when we received our first box for review.  Combine a teething puppy with two older hounds who love to chew, Bullymake Box was certainly put to the test in our household...

Penny Loves the Toys in Her Bullymake Box! #Bullymake Save $6 off any plan with coupon code LapdogCreations2016 #LapdogCreations

And, they came out with a WIN! 

We highly recommended Bullymake Box to anyone with a heavy chewer back then, and we still do today.

Bullymake Box is the only subscription
company that focuses on heavy chewers

When the folks over at Bullymake contacted us and asked if we would be willing to review another box, they received an enthusiastic yes!

As we mentioned in our first Bullymake Box review, there is nothing fancy about the packaging and they do not include any inserts.  Instead, the focus is on stuffing each box full of delicious treats and durable toys.

Teutul sniffing out the toys and treats inside his Bullymake Box  #Bullymake  Save $6 off any plan with coupon code LapdogCreations2016 #LapdogCreations
Inside this Bullymake Box, we found:

    Penny playing with her Monster Ball from #JollyPets which was inside her latest #BullymakeBox  Save $6 off any plan with coupon code LapdogCreations2016 #LapdogCreations
  • Monster Ball from Jolly Pets (3.5" size)
    • Made from 100% natural rubber, Monster Balls provides hours of fun when stuffed with treats or kibble.  The Lapdogs are having a blast chasing it around our living room!
  • Flathead from Jolly Pets (large size)
    • Perfect for dogs who love to shake, toss, tug and squeak until their heart's content.   Not only will it keep your dog entertained, they'll entertain you in the process... Penny runs around the house at a gazillion miles an hour, comes to a screeching halt and then shakes, shakes, shakes. 
  • Gnarlys from Mammoth
    • Made from durable webbing with a tennis ball attached, this toy is ideal for interactive playtime.  There's been a lot of tossing and tugging going on! 
  • Fruitables Pumpkin & Banana treats
    • These tasty little morsels have been a staple in the Lapdog household for years now.
Teutul thinks #Fruitables Bioactive #DentalChews are awesome! Thanks to #BullymakeBox for introducing us to them! - Save $6 off any plan with coupon code LapdogCreations2016 #LapdogCreations

  • Bioactive Dental Chew from Fruitables (medium)
    • We love Fruitables treats (see above), but I'm a little embarrassed to admit I did not know they now produce dental chews. Teutul really enjoyed it. 
      • Breath-Less Brushless-ToothPaste Chewable from Ark Naturals (large)
        • Abrasive ridges on the outside combine with Ark Naturals' patented toothpaste center to make a tasty, yet effective dental chew. This was a new-to-us brand and Sophie gobbled it up with no complaints.
      • N-Bone The Original in Chicken Flavor from NPIC (large)
        • Another new to us dental treat, N-Bones are all natural, low fat and low in calories.

      Do you think your dog - or dogs - are a great fit for Bullymake Box?  Ready to give them a try?

      What if I told you we've got a coupon code just for you?

      That's right... sign up for Bullymake Box now and use coupon code LapdogCreations2016 and SAVE $6 off any plan purchase! 

      Penny & Tut say this #BullymakeBox is theirs, but you can get one of your very own and SAVE $6 off any plan with coupon code LapdogCreations2016 #LapdogCreations
      The process to sign up is simple and will only take just a few moments of your time...  
      • Choose your plan. (all prices include free shipping in the USA, add $6 per month for shipments to Canada)
        • 1 month $39
        • 3 months $36 per month
        • 6 months $33 per month
        • 12 months $29 per month
      • Enter your shipping and billing details and check out
        • You will also be asked to enter your dog's weight. This ensures the toys and treats will be best suited for your pooch.
        • Don't forget to use coupon code LapdogCreations2016 to save $6!
      • Sit back and wait
        • It won't be long... Bullymake now ships your first order in just 1 business day!
      That means you have time to sign up and receive your dog's first box in time for Valentine's Day!  What a sweet treat for your special four-legged someone. 
      Teutul, Sophie and Penny think all dogs deserve a Bullymake Box. 
      I think all parents of four-legged destruction muffins deserve a Bullymake Box.

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      Marjie said...

      That looks like a great assortment of toys. I know you guys have been enjoying Fruitables for a long time; I actually have some for my visiting dogs.

      Sue said...

      That looks like a nice box made for real dogs. I need to check out those treats made with toothpaste. They might save me some time on days when I can't get everyone brushed.

      Golden Daily Scoop said...

      I have got to try this box! The Goldens are so bored with their bones!

      M. K. Clinton said...

      This looks like a fun subscription box! Bentley would LOVE that Flathead with the squeaker!

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