Friday, June 24, 2016

Is Your #BestDogEver Ready for BBQ Season? #Merrick

Do your dogs get as happy to see the nice man in the big brown truck as the Lapdogs do?
Do they, like the Lapdogs, think he's there just to bring them something?

Sure, the Lapdogs are pretty spot-on in knowing that the delivery is usually for them... but no, they're not spoiled. They're just the hard-working kids of a dog blogger. :::wink wink:::

A few weeks ago, their tails were wagging like crazy when a couple of really big boxes arrived and we realized, the Summer Seasonal Recipes were here!

The #Merrick Summer Seasonal Recipes Are Here! Penny & Sophie are ready for a BBQ - is your #BestDogEver ready? #dogfood #rescuedogs ©LapdogCreations

Disclosure: Merrick sent 4 cases of their Summer Seasonal Recipes to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers ,and all opinions expressed are our own.

Our friends over at Merrick really spoil us and keep our pantry well-stocked. I'm just not sure who looks forward to the seasonal recipes more - the Lapdogs, who haven't met a Merrick recipe yet that they don't like, or their Mama who can't wait to see what new recipes they come up with!

We have been using Merrick canned recipes as a dinner mix-ins for many years now. My dogs love them, and I feel good about giving them a high quality food that is made with all natural, real whole foods.

Teutul knows what makes the dog days of summer better - #Merrick Summer Seasonal Recipes! #dogfood #MadeinUSA #BestDogEver #seniordog #rescuedog ©LapdogCreations

Each grain-free, protein-rich recipe is handcrafted in small batches in the USA, and each is suitable for all breeds and life stages, making them a perfect choice for every Best Dog Ever.

Having a mixed pack - 2 senior hounds and an energetic Doberman mix - means that feeding time is never one-size-fits-all at our house. Sophie has food sensitivities, Teutul has pancreatitis, and Penny is still growing. Being able to feed all three the same canned food is not only convenient, but it saves time and money as well.

Who's ready for a BBQ? Penny sure is, thanks to her stash of #Merrick Summer Seasonal Recipes! #grainfree #MadeinUSA #DogFood #BestDogEver #rescuedog #doberman ©LapdogCreations
BBQ season and the dog days of summer have officially arrived with four Merrick seasonal recipes - two brand new, and two returning favorites.  Which one will your dog drool over the most? 

Is Your #BestDogEver ready for #BBQ season? Stock up on #Merrick Summer Seasonal Recipes now! #dogfood #grainfree #MadeinUSA ©LapdogCreations

Merrick 2016 Summer Seasonal Menu
  • Texas State Fair Stew - new for 2016!
    • Bringing big Texas flavor with chunks of beef, Yukon Gold potatoes & carrots, it's sure to please even the biggest appetites.
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - new for 2016!
    • Okay, so what if I can't stop saying the name of this one? Big, big chunks of chicken are packed with peas & carrots in gravy, and boy does it smell delish! It's Sophie's new favorite.
  • Star Spangled Supper - this favorite is back for a third summer
    • What Patriotic pooch wouldn't love a mixture of beef, Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet potatoes & bacon? The Lapdogs line up for this one... and when there's bacon involved, Teutul is always first!
  • Hot Off the Grill - another returning favorite, also back for a third summer
    • This one is back due to popular demand, so you know it has to be amazing, right? Chicken, white potatoes, bacon & cheddar cheese combine together in a gravy that's sure to please even the finickiest of pups... and get the humans thinking about how they can create a people version.
So, is your #BestDogEver ready to hit the summer BBQ scene?  Hurry and pick up the Merrick Summer Seasonals before they're gone!


Marjie said...

Well, you have to love the summer seasonal foods just for the names! The Lapdogs are smart; they know who the dude in brown loves! (Or maybe who brings the stuff the sucker with the credit card orders...mostly for them...)

Sue said...

Yum.... What time is dinner, we're on our way.

Jodi Jarvis-Therrian said...

Four Paws up thanks for the great review love the ingredient list and that it's grain-free

Talent Hounds said...

Yum. Kilo the Pug loves Merrick food too. We'll have to try those recipes when I get back. The ingredients sound great.

Rugby James said...

Merrick is such great food!! Often when I'm stirring in my mix-in, Rugby is sitting patiently, with a slight little whimper of excitement over his meal being prepared. He uses his most sincere eyes to rush the process!! Great review!! Love the ingredients!

Anonymous said...

Merrick's brand is really growing. One can't go wrong with a wonderful product, great kicky names and a wonderful review that you gave. High paw!

Beth said...

Great names and it sounds like a wonderful brand! I bet your dogs appreciate the variety of flavors too.

Sonja of MontecristoTravels said...

We don't purchase dog food. Everything is made home. But the names totally cracked me up!

LaylasWoof said...

Layla wants to know if she can come over to you for da BBQ - woof

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