Monday, June 27, 2016

The Future's So Bright... #NationalSunglassesDay

Did you know that June 27 is National Sunglasses Day? 

The Future's So Bright, the Lapdogs Gotta Wear their #Chewy shades! #NationalSunglassesDay #RescueDogs #AdoptDontShop ©LapdogCreations

Thanks to our pawesome friends at Chewy, we were ready to celebrate when a surprise bag full of summertime goodies landed on our doorstep on Friday! Sure, it may have all been for me, but it doesn't mean the Lapdogs won't share in the fun! 

Thank you to our friends at #Chewy for the pawesome summertime goodies! #NationalSunglassesDay #DobermanPuppy #RescueDog #ChewyInfluencer #SummerFun ©LapdogCreations

When you're trying to get all three dogs to look at once and end up with three adorable expressions in three different photos...

The Lapdogs think their friends at #Chewy are pawesome for sending their Mama a bag full of summertime fun! #ChewyInfluencer #Chewy #RescueDog #AdoptDontShop #HappyDogs ©LapdogCreations

I was reminded of #NationalSunglassesDay this morning when my big 'ole ham popped up in my Facebook memories and knew it was a perfect time to share our fun blue-shades shots. Do you remember when he rocked my shades?

Zeus, the ultimate ham, sporting Mama's shades! #NationalSunglassesDay #CanineCancerAwareness ©LapdogCreations


Sue said...

It's dark and stormy here. We are looking forward to a trip to the lake to test out the beach gear.

Marjie said...

I had the picture of Bebop wearing Jeffrey's sunglasses printed up and framed for Cass for her birthday. There must be something about the shape of his head that makes him able to wear shades right...just like Zeus. I'm glad you got a care package just for you, even though you did share! Happy Monday.

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