Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ways to Celebrate #NationalPuppyDay

Happy National Puppy Day!

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Celebrated each year on March 23, National Puppy Day was founded in 2006 by Celebrity Pet Author, Colleen Paige.
"Puppies are the most trusting and joyous creatures on the planet. Oh, to be more like a puppy." - Colleen Paige
However, today is not only meant to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. It is also a day to bring awareness to the millions of unwanted puppies sitting in shelters across the globe. 

Whenever possible, please, make adoption your first option! 

Around here we celebrate puppies every single day... and by puppies, we mean dogs of all ages! After all, they will always be known as "puppies," right?

We've compiled a list of some things you can do to celebrate today.

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Ways You Can Celebrate National Puppy Day
  • Adopt a puppy from a shelter or rescue
  • Buy your pup a Puppy Kong Toy and stuff it with yummy treats
  • Volunteer at your local shelter - they might even need you to walk some dogs
  • Get your puppy an ID Tag for her collar - we love Red Dingo engraved stainless steel tags
  • Donate to your local shelter (money, food, bedding and toys are always needed)
  • Sign your puppy up for a training class - it's a great way to bond
  • Have a fun selfie photo session with your pup - give the Smartphone Attachment Selfie Stick for Pets a try
  • Take your puppy shopping - while there are always pet stores to explore, did you know that several big box stores like Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Bass Pro Shop, Lowes, TJ Maxx and Barnes and Noble are dog friendly (*policies can vary by location, so be sure to ask at your local store)
  • Play with your puppy - act as silly as you want, he won't care
  • Summer is coming and so are those strong UV rays - be prepared with a Gold Paw Sun Shield Dog Tee for your pup
  • Schedule a wellness vet visit or grooming session for your puppy
  • Host a puppy playdate and invite all of your friends
  • Take your puppy on a new adventure - make sure you have a good leash
  • Spring has arrived - make sure your backyard is puppy proof
  • Has your puppy left a stubborn stain on your carpet? Start your spring cleaning with Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover
  • Seek out new places to walk with your puppy - perhaps you have some great trails nearby that you've yet to explore

We could go on and on with this list... but you get the picture. Just spend some quality time with your puppy, and do whatever you can to help the homeless pups who are currently awaiting forever homes... today and every day!


Marjie said...

They were such cute little pups, and are still just adorable! Happy Pup Day, Lapdogs!

Unknown said...

So many great ideas! Every day is a great excuse to spend time with your dog, or go adopt a new one. :)

Hindy Pearson said...

Lots of great ideas for celebrating puppy day, but the best is to adopt a homeless puppy. Rescuing an animal in need is good for the soul, what better way to celebrate than that!

Carleenp said...

I loved puppy day! My facebook feed was full of great photos!

Sue said...

You mean every day isn't "National Puppy Day"? Here it is.

M. K. Clinton said...

I would love to adopt a new puppy but having two older dogs is all that I can handle. It is easier to volunteer at the shelter and play with the puppies.

Feline Opines said...

Great ideas! Although our Tribe of Five felines have made it crystal clear that dog's are not part of their plan, we have a "nephew" and "niece" dog that we get to walk and spend time with. I also have a coworking facility and we're dog friendly so I'm happy I get my canine fix!

DawgBlogger said...

We didn't have the privilege to enjoy Cookie as a puppy, though she was quite active and energetic at 1.5 when we got her anyway. She seems to be an eternal puppy.

Tenacious Little Terrier said...

We went for a walk and had fun trying out his new remote treat dispenser.

The Daily Pip said...

Great ideas! I need to check out the selfie stick for pets! That sounds super fun.

Unknown said...

Was it or was it not appropriate for me to take National Puppy Day off? ;-) I love all of your suggestions on ways to celebrate :-)

Lola The Rescued Cat said...

This is the first year we've read all the wonderful posts on National Puppy Day. We're loving them!

M Dawson said...

We love all the pictures of puppies we have been seeing ofr Puppy Day, they are all so cute and made us grin!

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

I love your photo collage! These are all great ways to celebrate the puppies in our lives, and yeah I still refer to my dogs as "the puppies", LOL! I like the products you suggest, especially the sun shield shirts for dogs. I've always wanted to get one of those for Phoebe.
Love & Biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm said...

Spending quality time with our puppies/dogs is so important. Just that connection and really paying attention can mean the world to them. I never want to say, "I wish I had...." Live.

Beth said...

Happy Belated National Puppy Day! These are all wonderful ways to celebrate! I hope more people will choose to adopt.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Puppies and kittens are so adorable, but it's also important to remember they grow up and need love and care for many years.

Robin said...

Those puppy photos are so adorable! I agree - adoption is the best way to go. Both of my kitties are rescues and I couldn't be more happy with them. If I were to add a dog to my family, that dog would be a rescue too. :)

-Purrs from your friends at

Unknown said...

OmD I want a puppy too!!! I wish I was able to adopt one but with 3 dogs and 3 cats already UGHHHHH!

Unknown said...

I take a moment to be grateful for the worlds easiest puppy!

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