Wednesday, April 12, 2017

goDog RhinoPlay Toys - Deceptively Light, Incredibly Strong

Got a dog who loves to fetch, but might be a little rough and tough on his toys?

senior rescue hound dog with godog toys

Looking for a tougher toy to stand the test of time?

Disclosure: goDog sent four RhinoPlay toys, free of charge, for review purposes. We only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers, and all opinions expressed are our own. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, we may receive a few pennies to assist in maintaining this blog.

Let us introduce you RhinoPlay, the newest line from goDog.

Just like our beloved dogs, not all toys are created equal. Some are what I refer to as a "one and done" playtime, while others, like goDog's plush toys with Chew Guard Technology, last for years. Penny is literally playing with toys that are at least three times as old as she is!

When we were asked to try the new RhinoPlay toys, I immediately said yes. After all, the line's tag line is "deceptively light, incredibly strong." We had to check these toys out!

doberman mix puppy with dog toys

RhinoPlay toys are made from a unique material called PopFoam NT, which produces toys that are incredibly strong, yet exceptionally lightweight. The special foam was developed by goDog's parent company, Worldwise, in conjunction with the One World Play Project.

The result of the collaboration is a tough molded foam that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for your pets and their little human friends. You won't have to worry if your kid puts the dog's toy in their mouth while playing.

The line currently features four different toys, and each is available in two sizes - Regular and Jr.
  • Vexo is a stick-shaped toy with a concave design that makes it easy for dogs to pick up
  • Beastis a puncture-proof ball that promises to never go flat thanks to a self-inflating valve
  • Cirqis a fun round toy with a square center with a channel around the underside that allows dogs to carry it, and it can be stuffed with treats
  • Flipis an egg-shaped (or chip, as goDog describes it) toy that always lands with one side up so it's easy for dogs to pick up and carry

All four of the toys have been designed to float, making them great for playing fetch just about anywhere - at home, at the park, in the pool, and especially on the beach. Don't worry about getting them sandy, just rinse the toys off and let them air dry.

rescue dogs with godog rhinoplay toys

The bright colors make the toys easy to spot for both you and your dog. You'll be less likely to lose a toy at the park, out on a hike, or even in the snow.

And yes, they truly are extremely lightweight! Almost like Styrofoam or a pool noodle.

The Lapdogs haven't quite caught on to the RhinoPlay fun just yet, but I'm pretty confident that if you have a dog who loves to retrieve, especially in water, they'll really enjoy the line.

I'm hoping Penny will befriend the Beast sooner than later. With all of the tennis balls she popped, having her fall in love with a puncture-proof ball would be wonderful!


So, how about your dogs? Are you ready to add to their summer fun with a couple of RhinoPlay toys? What if I told you that your purchase not only benefits your dog, but also gives back? goDog is donating a portion of the proceeds from all RhinoPlay toy sales to organizations that promote play and work to enhance the bond between human and animals.

So, give your chewers and rough players some new toys that'll hold up to their standards and help a great cause!


Sue said...

Mackie loves to fetch, but she also loves to kill her toys. These might be perfect for her. Norma Jean loves to retrieve in water. Her water toys are getting a little old and ratty, so these might work for her too.

Brando and Bogart said...

Misha is making us buy one! They look like fun!!!

Unknown said...

I love the fact that they're nontoxic. So many of these things just aren't, and I worry about my dogs chewing on things that could make them sick. These toys sound just awesome!

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm said...

I've been a goDog customer and fan for a few years. I really need to check out that flip one for Dexter.

Unknown said...

Two of my three fall in the "Olympic Champion Chewer" category so I am always looking for toys that will last more than a hot minute! These toys are super cute and great colors. Add in the fact that they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and I'm totally sold!

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