Thursday, May 03, 2007

Duduza Dolls Charity Project

I wanted to post about the latest charity project that Joanne of A Knitter's Garden is supporting, Duduza (comfort) Dolls for CHABHA. Joanne is recruiting her customers and guild members to help in knitting these adorable little dolls - can you help too?

This is my first little creation (which sort of looks like a weeble-wooble).

duduza doll

And here's my little guy hanging out with a couple of buddies at knitting guild last night (note that Joanne's first doll was a little on the large size, but I believe that all sizes are welcome!).


Please click through all the links above to find the pattern, background on the project and more! If you live nearby, you can drop off your donations at A Knitter's Garden, as Joanne will be putting together a large box of dolls to send. You can also mail your dolls to Joanne or to the organization directly. These dolls are a fun knit - and quick too! I made my first one in just a couple hours on Sunday while watching the NASCAR race and I'm looking forward to making some more!

Also, I wanted to throw out a quick little announcement for the new album by one of my favorite bands, Sister Hazel (remember "All For You"?). They don't receive a lot of the commercial marketing anymore, but are still making great music. Would you please take a second and click on the picture below? I'll earn a nice autographed poster if I get 25 click thrus! All you have to do is click, but of course I highly recommend purchasing the new CD for some good tunes this summer!


Anonymous said...

How long is she accepting submissions? I want to make one! (Or two, they are small!)

Tanya said...

Yay, you made one!!! And its so cute!!! And the dogs didn't steal it?

NH Knitting Mama said...

What a great charity!

I clicked on the link for the band, too.

Lapdog Creations said...

Joanne is leaving it pretty open at the moment for collection of the dolls. She wants to send up the biggest box of cuteness as we can!

Gigi said...

Those dolls are so cute! They have so much creative potential. It looks like they would be fun to make. Too bad there is not a crocheted version!

Anonymous said...

What a great cause, and cute dolls. I will cast on for one today! Also clicked through - hope you get your poster.

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