Monday, May 21, 2007

Taking a break from packing...

Yes, I am procrastinating taking a break from packing. I hate packing. I am pretty much done with clothing though, which is the big part, and wanted to get a post up before we head South!

I have to show you the absolutely fantastic package I received from my
Secret Pal 10 spoilee today! I heart my secret pal - she is truly amazing and continues to show that she really is getting to know me and what I like. Check out these fantastic goods... all about sock knitting!


She sent me the Favorite Socks book from my Amazon wish list, 2 skeins of Claudia Hand Painted fingering weight in Passion Fruit (a most amazing colorway that I love!), Crystal Palace DPNs, some great little DPN size stitch markers that I believe she made, a handy, retractable tape measure (guess she read my post about the sheep who bit the dust!), a set of very helpful cards to record my favorite sock recipients info, favorite sock yarns & a sock yarn weight reference card (love them!) and something that I think is creative & wonderful - a mini-sock yarn stash for knitting mini-socks for my sock blocker keychain! Super little bundles of 4 different hand dyed sock yarns from Hello Yarn, Blue Moon Fiber, Sunshine Yarns and my secret pal's very own hand dyed yumminess! Feast your eyes...


I am a very happy camper with my package! She sent it in a great zippered tote from The Loopy Ewe ... which is doubly good because I can always use a perfect knitting-on-the-go size tote and because it introduced me to this fantastic online source for sock knitting (read: check them out!)! Thank you secret pal - you rock!

In other happy news, Princess Trixie found her forever home with a wonderful retired couple in Massachusetts! However, due to the stupid, stupid, stupid MA Dept of Agriculture rules on dogs coming in to the state of Masstaxachusetts, I had to bring the little girl down to the quarantine facility on Saturday morning for the mandated 48 hours (thank you Tanya for making the trek with me!). Yes, the dogs from the rescue receive a vet check & interstate health certificate before traveling North and yes, she did live just 15 minutes from the MA border for the past 3 weeks, but we still had to leave her there ... in a cage. I truly felt as though she thought she was being abandonded once again... her cries were painful to hear as we left, but I do know that she will be going to a wonderful home this week where she will be The Princess, and center of attention, for this wonderful couple! Here are a few photos from last week...


Trix had really begun to come out of her shell in the past week & a half, really showing her playful side... rolling around on her back for scratchies, chasing her tail and engaging in play with our dogs!


"Laughing" up a storm with Teutul!


I'm not sure which one of them is going to miss their walks more!


Proud foster Mom with another love bug, who we will miss dearly and hope her new family will send us some updates & photos!


I can't resist posting "the look" pic, she had it down pact!

This was the only picture I could get of the 4 of them... that's Zeus in the background, staring out the little window at the top of the front door (a resourceful dog he is...).


On that note, we are off to Charlotte for the Coca Cola 600 and quality time with friends, including eating way too much wonderful food, shopping & site seeing! I'll leave you with a quick pic of a couple WIP's... my children's hat for the Granite State Knit In donation / contest (can you guess what it'll "be"?) and my Amanda headband, which won't be finished in time for Gina's May 31 contest, but that's ok... I will have a great summer accessory and am loving how the Sereknity Lilacs in Bloom yarn is knitting up (it's perfect for Gina's great lace pattern)! See you in a week... back to packing... I. Hate. Packing.



NH Knitting Mama said...


Have a fantastic vacation! You deserve the break!

Gina House said...

Nice stuff!!!! Wow! Love the yarn and books!

Thanks so much for the bday wishes and hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad you liked the package. Have a wonderful vacation!

Kare said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Nichole.

Criquette said...

Hooray for Trixie and her great foster parents! Another job well done. Hope your vacation is full of fun - can't wait to see what you've knit when you come back.

Joan said...

Your photo of Trixie is amazing! You need to submit it to a dog calendar for publication. What an joyful face!

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