Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dogs on Thursday... catch-up!

Am I the only one sitting here shaking my head in disbelieve that it is August already??!! Where oh where is 2007 going??!!

So... in light of 2007 quickly becoming a blur, here is a little catch up post from the past week or so with some photos for your viewing pleasure this Thursday... however the Maine Yarn Crawl will come a little later, after all today is "
Dogs on Thursday!"

First up,
Miss Bella, now Cotton... I know I'm an insane dog Mommy bad when it comes to doggy pictures, even more so now that we have the awesome digital camera, but I wanted to share a few more from her last couple days with us. She was just such a photogenic puppy and a lovebug...

The "Mommy's hovering treats above your heads
hopes of getting a group photo (where's
Zeus?)" pose...


One of her favorite pastimes while in

our home... wrestling with Lola!


Such an expressive doggy!

Nic & Bella 71707

The "Proud Foster Mommy" pose... times 2!

Nic & Bella 71807

Now, this pic below... I just love this one! I'm not even sure how it was snapped so close up and at that angle, but it shows her playfulness... "I give you paw..." and me trying to take more "artsy" photos instead of just snapshots & posed pics...


While Bella was hanging out on the back porch with our kids, Sue & I headed off to the TKGA show and Matt & his Dad did this...

Fence1They made great progress on the dogs' fence - 1 side & the back done! Hopefully with another full day sometime later this month (please, please!), it will be closer to being useful. Its been ions a long time since we put those posts in the ground and its so cool to finally see something going on, however the chain link currently stops here...


Once the fence is completed, it'll mean all 3 dogs can be out goofing off and wrestling around together - woo hoo! It'll also mean that Woody & Chucky will hopefully learn to stay outside the fenced area if they know what's good for them (although I'm still not sure if our dogs want to chase them or play with them). I always know when one of them is out grazing. If this is going on...


Alot of this is going on at the same time...


That little blur in the middle of the grass is the chucky you see in the photo above... and the black you see glued to the window is Miss Lola. All 3 dogs fight for a spot at the window and cry and carry on like you wouldn't believe...

Zeus got a nifty new harness last week, which has a built in leash grab and it was on clearance! Keep in mind, it is difficult finding anything to fit Zeus (this one even has some "room to grow" - please no... no more growing), so to find something big enough and have it on clearance too is amazing (guess they're not selling so many of the mungo-huge dog size, huh?).


After we tried it on and I made him model for an hour ten minutes, he decided to give me another pose...


Yes folks, that is the infamous pornodog pose... and no, we didn't teach him that!!! He's been doing that since he was a puppy... I used to watch in horror, now its just the comical "upside down Zeus" trying to get your attention or someone to play!

While he was still in a better posing mood, complete with new harness, I managed to get a few new shots of the three amigos together (sometimes easy, most of the times not so much... as proven above with Zeus missing from the group shot with Bella)!


Happy Doggy Thursday... I promise knitting content very soon. I visited Mom this afternoon and am happy to report that she is resting comfortably after yesterday's (actually last night's - they didn't take her til 7:15 pm!) surgery in which they removed part of her colon. We still don't know much - will know more after the test results / biopsy come back in a couple days. Thank you all for your well wishes, thoughts & prayers! Our thoughts & prayers go out from us to those involved in (and the families of) the Minneapolis bridge collapse ... which eerily happened almost the exact same time Mom went in to surgery.


Pooch said...

Foster doggy has so much personality and is very photogenic! Waving the treats for a group pic seemed to work very well!


Anonymous said...

I too can't believe its August already! I get married in a little over a month! OY! Hope you have a great weekend.

AllyB said...

OMG! The dogs are so precious! I want to pet them all!!! Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. Thinking about you daily, sending good energy your way. Are you practicing your dish cloth? Have a great weekend. What kind of camera are you using for these great pics?

Tina in Wonderland said...

You have some cute pooches!! The pup you are fostering is so adorable!

Hope your mom is all better soon!

Sonya said...

They are very cute doggies. It is crazy that August is here already. My kiddos go to school in just 6 days. Wow that is going to be a big change.
Let your mom know that lots of us are thinking about her.

silfert said...

Porndog....*snicker* A very happy-looking bunch; photogenic is exactly the right word.
Tell your mom that a bunch of yarn junkies in the Midwest say "hi"!

Joan said...

I am happy with 100% dog content! ;-} Bella is amazing, is the name still Cotton? (yikes) Ditto on how did it become August already? We'll be freezing our butts off in no time. Another excuse to knit wool!

Joan said...

Hoping all is well with your mom!
Your pups continue to amaze. That Bella is a heart-tugger. ;-}

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