Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Button!

I have a new button for everyone out there to use when linking to my blog ... starring my very own furbabies (who say Woof and "won't you link our Mom's blog, please?"). What do you think?


Afterthought / Update... Thanks to Ericka for pointing out to me that my button was huge - sorry! I guess I just assumed people would size it to their preference or use the automatic settings in Flickr (if you use that to upload your stuff)... so here are two smaller versions. I'll even do custom fittings if you need me to - just let me know, ha ha ha!

LapdogButton_807bSMALL LapdogButton_807b

You can still use this one too if you'd like...


You can grab them here (however please be kind and upload them to your own server, thanks!) or from my sidebar.

While I have your attention... I also wanted to post my contest answer for the Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Swap! We've been asked to post what we like to do when the dog days of summer are wearing us down... Me? I like to grab a nice cold beverage (iced tea, iced coffee, Diet Coke with lemon or sometimes a nice cold beer), sit in front of the fan, watch tv and hang out with the doggies (preferably its a day when they don't insist on sitting in Mommy's lap!)... sometimes I knit, sometimes I catch up on magazines, sometimes I might even nap (note - the napping doesn't happen often!).

Now, I promise some knitting content soon... yes, she really does knit! but in the meantime I wanted to mention the cool MOO cards I just got (photos later)! Have you seen them?!?! OMG - how cute & cool!!! I also wanted to give huge kudos to their customer service department. They sent an email out last week appologizing for a mix up at their printer, indicating I *might* be receiving someone else's cards by mistake .... please just toss them and rest assured my *correct* cards were on the way ... and oh yea, btw also please order another set of 100 cards free of charge on us (free shipping too!)!!! Well, today I received my original 2 sets, as well as the 2 sets that were immediately shipped as replacements when they had the printer mix up ... and all of them are correct and my cards! Nope, no mix up at the printers with my cards ... and to think the company was proactive and just reprinted & mailed everyone's cards from that day instead of waiting to see who got the right cards and who didn't... now THAT is good customer service! Oh yea, and I still have the additional free set on the way too... love this company!

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Anonymous said...

Love the new button! Now that my internet is supposed to be fixed at home, I can start adding buttons from my friends' blogs.

Have a great day.

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