Wednesday, July 30, 2008

REVIEW: Namaste Bags

Namaste Bags
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After receiving product for review from the wonderful girls (and boy!) at Namaste, I quickly realized that this is one amazing company! A family business, they use animal friendly faux leather and they bring their dogs to work!! As if that isn't enough, they make some amazing products!

I wanted to actually test out (read: use for a few weeks) the bags in order to give a proper review... and the result is that I couldn't be happier carrying the Laguna (from the Cali Collection) around everywhere!



At first sight, I thought "oh wow... this is a big bag..." but after actual use, I have to say this is my new favorite bag! It does look big, but once you start stuffing things in, you will quickly realize just how perfect it is. Perfect enough to tote everything I need to knitting nights, as well as to shows, day trips, etc. I also love the softness of the faux leather... like butter! The zippered interior pocket instantly gives you 2 completely separate compartments, plus it has interior pockets for your cell phone, keys & gadgets and an exterior pocket that I have found is perfect for stashing a small notebook, pen and some business cards (as you can see in the photo, I've also found a place to clip my Moo card holder to). The shoulder strap is detachable and you can fold the handles/top flap down over itself when the bag isn't stuffed full. Laguna is my perfect knitting bag.. yes, I heart it!

I have been using testing the Catalina Pouch (bottom right hand corner in top photo) as well - it has some notions and gadgets in it and is tucked inside my Laguna. Its the perfect size and the fabric coordinates with all of the Cali Collection colors!

The Vintage bag (top right hand corner in top photo), which was inspired by a forgotten 1940's knitting bag design, is spacious and accomodating for all of your needs. Slots for all types of needles wrap around the exterior and the extra large interior is perfect for those larger projects or to store your stash in at home.


This classy looking bag is, appropriately enough, part of the Classic Collection and is currently only available in the colors remaining in stock. Grab yours while you can - once they're gone, they are gone, as they will be discontinued once sold out!

The Cali Clutch (bottom left hand corner in top photo), is the answer to your needs if you want a great on-the-go, going-out bag that you can carry your essentials in, as well as your current WIP... and look super chic doing so! I couldn't think of a better way to describe this bag than they did themselves, so direct from Namaste... "What do you call a classy, slim, well designed organizational product that can hold your straights, circulars, credit cards, cash, keys, phone, sunglasses, a small project and still be considered a high fashion accessory? Before now it would be called impossible, but we call it the Namaste Clutch." Photos can be deceiving - you must see this bag in person to fully understand just what you can fit in it! You can easily bring your current sock or fingerless mitts with you when you go out dancing with friends on Friday night - and never be bored again!

The Cali Collection also includes a Cozy for your needles.


The Cozy is an extra large, sophisticated case to transport or store your straight needles in. It totally reminds me of the old fashioned cigarette cases of the 50's that all the chic ladies carried around - only much longer!

All in all, I am highly impressed with Namaste bags. The quality is top notch, the products are ingenious (they truly know what knitters need), the owners are amazing (read: exceptional customer service!)... and did I mention they all have dogs, support shelters & rescue organizations and bring their dogs to work? Namaste rates A-one and 4-paws-up in my book and I will forever be a faithful customer! This was my first experience with their bags and had I not had this opportunity to review them, I'm not sure I would have ever gotten around to ordering one. Therefore I hope that if you're in the same boat, reading this tried-and-tested review, that I have convinced you to take the plunge and order... today! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Now... since this is a review on my blog and Namaste is dog friendly... and well, just because I can, I'm going to give you some gratuitous photos of a couple of my photogenic kids endorsing the bags.

Lola thinking the Vintage just might be some sort of feed bag...


Teutul thought there might be some cookies in there too...


Lola, aka Protector of Mommy's Laguna ... nobody's getting their hands on that!



My handsome guy, Zeus posing with the Vintage...

Namaste_Vintage_Zeus Namaste_Vintage_ZeusB


wildflower38 said...

Gorgeous bag!!! I want to get one of their messenger bags.

Bubblesknits said...

As a fellow Namaste lover, I can definitely say your review is dead on. Wonderful products! I think I have 4 of their bags, at last count. :-) Another great review!

Channon said...

You know I'm hooked too, and I'm rather certain that without your input, I wouldn't have ordered the first one, and the second is ALL your fault, and...

Anita said...

Great bags!! I must put one of these on my wish list! :)

Your puppies seem to be enjoying them as well. LOL

Grace Yaskovic said...

love reading your reviews, how did you land such a perk, i may have to request the bag and the needles for the upcoming birthday!!

wildflower38 said...

See Nichole I wait impatiently for your posts lol

Dianne said...

Wow, those bags sound great. I think I'll have to add a Laguna to my "must-buy-as-soon-as-I-can" list. I love, love, love the fact that they do not use leather. Now if only they would make shoes, too!

Kathy R said...

Great review and great pictures. You're brave, posing the dogs with your Namaste. I'm afraid Lucy will chew on my clutch if she gets too close to it so it's definitely out of her reach.

Turtle said...

So glad you loved them. I just ordered the Laguna in Turquoise two days ago and it looks like it will arrive tomorrow! (gotta love a good gift certificate!) I take a foot ferry to work then walk 4 blocks daily, both directions. So lots gets transported on top of my knitting, books, etc. This looks perfect!

AllyB said...

That black Vintage is awesome! Lola looks magnificent in it. If I didn't already have a fabulous Amy Butler bag I'd be buying that for sure!

ponyknit said...

Good to know their dog friendly. Just bought the needle pouch for a swap. Now I really want one. I had a hard time packing it in to a box...