Monday, September 29, 2008

REVIEW: Why Do Dogs Like Balls? & Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop

Why Do Dogs Like Balls?
by D. Caroline Coile, PhD & Margaret H. Bonham
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Sterling Books (September 2, 2008)

Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop?
by Margaret H. Bonham & D. Caroline Coile, PhD

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Sterling Books (September 2, 2008)

As soon as these books arrived for review, I thought "Not your typical owners manuals!" I was right... what we have here is a fun pair of "manuals," both revelational and cram full of important, as well as interesting facts.

Do dogs believe pictures of other dogs are real? Remember incidents? Mourn? Get goose bumps? Have Different Blood Types? See ghosts? Can dogs smell fear? Be homosexual? Count? And, just why do dogs turn in circles before they lie down? Why Do Dogs Like Balls? holds the answers you've been searching for!

Why Do Dogs Like Balls? is presented in 9 all-encompassing sections - Dog Behavior; Canine Intelligence; The Dog's Emotions; The Canine Body; A Dog's Senses; The Sexual Dog; Dog Care; More Canine Questions; and Dog Breeds.

Do cats get hiccups? Embarrassed? Talk when they meow? Get gas? Bury things like dogs? Get Alzheimer's? Need glasses? Are all white cats deaf? Why do some cats suck wool? Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop? will help you solve these mysteries!

Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop? is comprised of 11 inclusive sections (I guess they really are more finicky than dogs!) - The Cat's Body, Feline Behavior, The Cat's Health, Cat Care, Cat Senses, Cat Emotions, Cat Breeds, The Sexual Cat, Feline Intelligence, More Cat Questions and Cat Domestication.

Both books are written in such a wonderful way that you can easily opt to read them cover to cover, or to simply look up the questions that are important to you. Each section is outlined, making for quick and easy reference. After browsing both books, I know I'll certainly be reading the dog version cover to cover - not something that I can say about any of the other dog owner's manuals or guide books that line my book shelf (at least 4 or 5)! I really like how the authors give us informative information with a comedic spin! There are lots of out of the ordinary topics too.

Both books would be welcome additions to any dog or cat owner's collection and would make excellent holiday gifts!

About the Authors: D. Caroline Coile, PhD has written 29 books and more than 300 magazine & scientific articles. She's a columnist for Dog World magazine, has served as a canine consultant to the FAA and is on the AKC Canine Health Foundation President's Council. Margaret H. Bonham is an award winning author of 28 books and hundreds of articles about dogs & cats. She is a member of both the Dog Writers' Association of American and the Cat Writer's Association. She is a pet behavorist who has trained over 50 dogs in obedience, agility, backpacking and sledding sports.

The winner of the Pure Mutt collar from a previous review was drawn via random number generator... Congratulations Jknits! I will be in touch to get your mailing address.


Anita said...

Cool, those sound like really neat books! I'll have to check & see about the cat one.... some of those questions have me wondering about the answers. LOL. :)

Turtle said...

those sound hysterical! would be great next to my book" how to sh*t in the woods" !!

Bubblesknits said...

Does it have a section for why your cat will wait until 3:00 am to start trying to kill the evil blanket mice? lol

SissySees said...

Cool! Sissy and I might need to order the dog version, and then beg Anita to bring the cat edition with her on her next visit...

Natalie Rush said...

Awesome book!! I think I'm going to need to look into it! I'd love to know some of those answers!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely have to check out the Cat book so I can finally have an answer for my husband when he asks "Why does Thomas do that??"

vegasangelbrat said...

Geesh, now I'm wondering some of the Sound like neat books to read and just might have to get them both!

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