Thursday, September 18, 2008

REVIEW: Pure Mutt

Pure Mutt
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Pure Mutt Inc


Tell the world exactly who you are. One of a Kind.

Pure Mutt is a new company that makes apparel for... well, for mutts and mutt lovers! As a proud mama of 4 mutts, I couldn't wait to find out more about the company and its products!

Pure Mutt's mission is simple and wonderful; to bring awareness to mixed breed dogs and help promote adoption of shelter dogs. A percentage of all profits are donated to Abandoned Pet Rescue, a no kill, non-profit shelter in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Pure Mutt offers a nice selection of collars & leashes, as well as apparel for both you and your 4-legged furbaby.

The collars & leashes are each come in 2 widths, as well as multiple sizes. They are made of a red nylon webbing, combined with black ribbon featuring the Pure Mutt logo in white - a nice, high quality durable leash and collar. They are also Made in The USA - in New Hampshire to be exact!

Here is my Southern Mutt, Teutul, modeling one of the collars, which you can win!


The 100% cotton bandanas are available in two sizes and several different colors. You can even get one personalized with your pooch's name! Zeus isn't quite sure if yellow is his color, but he thinks its super cool to let the world know just how awesome mutts are!


The doggy t-shirts are also offered in several sizes and colors, as well as a personalized version. What better way to show off your mixed breed pride at the next doggy outing, adoption event or even romping at the dog park?

Of course, there's plenty of apparel options for us humans too... tees in several colors and styles (including ladies!), tanks, camis, a cap and more! All 100% cotton, high quality - get yours now! I will be sporting my ladies pink tee often! Not sure you want to wear your mutt pride across your chest? Pure Mutt also offers decals and a tote bag, which I think I must add to my own "can never have too many" tote collection.

Not only are these products high quality and adorable (love that logo!), but your purchase will help support a great cause.... bringing awareness to the original mutts of the world and helping to support a wonderful rescue. If you think about it, that is really bringing everything full circle each time the rescue adopts another furbaby to his or her forever home!

Show the world you are proud of your canine companion, an original, One of a kind ...

CONTEST! Teutul would like one of his fellow doggy friends to win their very own Pure Mutt collar and show their mixed breed pride! The collar is a wide width in size Large (15 - 24"). Would you and your furbaby like to win? Entry is simple - promise to show the world your love of mutts and leave a comment here (be sure to include a means of contact if your comment doesn't automatically link to your email or blog) telling us who the lucky doggy would be (he/she does not have to be a mutt... we love purebreds too)!


Tut says... What are you waiting for? The deadline to enter is Thursday, Sept. 25th at midnight!


SissySees said...

Well, Sissy just got a new collar, but someone has to go first! Sign up, people. Her random number generator never picks #1 anyway...

Anonymous said...

Well - my guys aren't mutts and don't wear collars, so. . . .

I linked to you today. Last night's episode of Bones had tears running down my face. I'm hoping we can blow your goal out of the water - or at least get some dog sweaters or beds for my local dog haven. g

Natalie Rush said...

Love the link and the stuff looks great!! My two aren't mutts either and we have collars that have a life time guarantee but my cousin's dog would love a new color. Diego is his name and he's a big fluffy mutt! :)

Peggy said...

WOW! Your family are so awesome!
They model these products so well!
Great mission! Thanks for sharing this!

oh...btw...all us dogs in Mexico are mutts!!! And proud of it!

Jknits said...

I love the puppy pics! My precious pooch recently roled in ripe fish and we can't get the smell out of the dog or collar - so (w)he would love to win a new one! Will happily spread the word about Pure Mutt at the local (Boston) dog parks.

Kenyetta said...

Nice collars but mine aren't mutts either! :-(

Unknown said...

I just love that website!
What a cool company. I am adding it to the DoT list and will post your review next DoT day. Sorry I missed this week.

I really love the expression on your models faces!!!!
Their personalities really do shine through their pictures.

Anonymous said...

Both our dogs are rescues and proud to be mutts. Ollie would be proud to wear the collar on behalf of her fellow mutts if our comment gets picked! We can be reached at or "addicted2knittin" on Ravelry :)

Linda D said...

Oh my gosh, Cassius would LOVE to be wearing a Mutt collar! He is a rescue I got last year, the mellowest dog on the planet.

Logan said...

Just came across your blog today from Ravelry. Heading over to check out the Pure Mutt merch on their website...

aka Knittermaster on Rav

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea Pur Mutt!! The hubby already boasts his mutt love with a bumper sticker, but I'm sure Miss Vashty or her brother Duncan would love to flash a fancy new collar :) (And tell the random # generator that today is the Princess' 4th birthday!)

Melrose from Rav

Tanya said...

Proud owner of three mutts! Including Tut's brother =)

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