Thursday, April 15, 2010

The 4-legged Dependents

Happy Dogs On Tax Day Thursday! For our doggy day only friends, Zeus wants to make sure you didn't miss his the Big Daddy Biscuit review. I think he's been trying to tell me that I need to go to the BDB website and order a big bag of Cheese Bites with Garlic for him he and his siblings...

So, got your taxes done? I do, but I still think I should get to claim these four dependents. I mean, you really can't get much more dependent than this...

4dogs_4710b 4dogs_4710e

Today is also the kids' Grandpa Dan and Grandma Sue's special day, so they're sending out woofs and lots of sloppy kisses for a very Yappy Anniversary to two of their favorite humans!


Since we have rain moving in for tomorrow (and the weekend... ugh), how about a little sun-spot-pics to brighten the day today?

Sophie and Zeus

Sophie_32510 Zeus_32510

Teutul and Lola

Tut_32510 Lola_32510

Enjoy the rest of your day! Next Thursday is Earth Day and in honor, we will be reviewing the new Planet Dog eats treats and having a giveaway!!!


Sue said...

I really like your sunspot pics.

Don't we wish we could claim the pack as dependents! Vet expenses alone would make it worthwhile.

knittinwolf said...

Always wonderful pics!

Happy Anniversary Dan & Sue!!!

Marjie said...

Those look like dependents to me! Happy Tax Day Dog Day!

Channon said...

Happy anniversary to them!

Janet said...

Love the sweet faces in the sunspots. We had a golden who loved to nap in the sunbeams coming through the windows.

Tina. said...

Love your pictures! Especially how you got all four to look at the camera at once! Congrats to the Grandparents. And I think we would all would agree our pups are definitely dependent!

Have a great day!

gaylen said...

It would be lovely if we could claim them - I mean children are no less optional than dogs :) g