Tuesday, April 26, 2011

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Planet Dog 10th Anniversary Orbee Balls

Planet Dog 10th Anniversary Orbee Balls
Where to Find: Planet Dog


PDballs_411Planet Dog is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their award-winning Orbee-Tuff Orbee Ball. The popular dog ball launched a decade of romping, wagging and giving in 2001. To celebrate the milestone, Planet Dog has released three Special Edition Anniversary Orbee Balls: the retro Lake/Glass Orbee that was originally launched in 2001 and two new color combinations, Red/Teal and Silver/Pink.

The new color combinations were chosen after soliciting ideas from members of the Planet Dog Pack through an employee contest.  All three Special Edition Anniversary Orbee Balls are available in four sizes; small (2.25"), medium (3"), large (4"), and for a limited time, extra large (5").

We received a small Lake/Glass, a medium Red/Teal and a Large Silver/Pink Orbee to review.  The Lapdogs are very familiar with Orbee Balls and have accumulated several in their toy baskets over the years.  They enjoy chasing the balls with the un-predictable bounce, but what they love even more is when Mama stuffs the hollow centers with treats - making Orbees a truly interactive toy!

We gave the small Orbee to our friend (and former foster) Simon, a Chihuahua mix who's most favorite toy in the whole wide world is the Orbee-Tuff Raspberry.  I wasn't sure how he'd take to the distinctive peppermint scented ball, but in no time he was tossing it around and chasing it all over the house. 

PDballs_411dOrbee Balls are extremely durable, non-toxic, 100% guaranteed, recyclable and, most important, Made in the USA!  They have received numerous accolades from editors at leading pet consumer and trade publications over the years including Editor's Choice Awards and many Top New Product Awards.  The Orbee Ball also helps support canine service through the Planet Dog Foundation. Planet Dog donates 2% of every purchase to this non-profit foundation which provides cash grants to non-profit programs nationwide. Since January 2006, PDF has given away over $785,000 in cash grants and in-kind product donations to exemplary programs that train, place and support dogs helping people in need.

GIVEAWAY!  Is your pooch dying to chomp an Orbee Ball of his/her very own?  We're giving away the Medium Size Red/Teal Special Edition Anniversary Orbee Ball! To enter:

1) Follow Lapdog Creations publicly (see "Followers" on the right hand side bar).
2) Visit Planet Dog, then leave a comment here telling us what item was most appealing to you!

You must complete both steps to enter and you must be a US resident to win.
You can get extra entries by sending your friends here to enter (be sure to have them mention your name).... blog, Tweet, Facebook and text away!
Winner will be selected by random number generator.
Deadline for entries is Wednesday, May 4 at midnight.


Marjie said...

They're cute with the planets on them!

Sue said...

The toys are very attractive to this human. I think Sky would most like the glow ball since that seems to be his passion.

jen said...

We got our first Orbee ball for Christmas! We love the way they bounce all crazy! and that they hold up to our big, drooly mouths!

I really, really like the pink Orbee!

Bubblesknits said...

I think Micro would probably like the small Orbee Ball. He loves chasing the small tennis balls around the kitchen, so something that would bounce in different directions as he's playing with it? Yeah, I can see him liking that. lol

Jenner said...

Orbee balls are my pack's favorite!!! We love their hemp collars, too!

Following you, of course. :)

SissySees said...

Red is almost PANK... so what on earth could Gg want more?! Sis would like a whistle ball... just in case, you know? ;)

gMarie said...

Those are adorable balls - but please don't enter my dogs (or do, but if we win send to the PWDs) as my dogs don't play with balls - now if you have had the stuffed squeaky.....


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Sugar's mom here ... read your recent blog comment. Sugar loves her planet ball ... she loves when it bounces. It was given to her as a gift however it's a bit frustrating for her cause she can't carry around, she got a large ball. If we win we would like to have the medium ball. Planet Dog products are great. Lots of Golden Woofs

cstironkat said...

I follow you on GFC as cstironkat and I like the Orbee-Tuff® Glow-in-the-Dark Whistle Ball

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