Tuesday, April 17, 2012

REVIEW: Pet Portables Travel/Safety Kit

Pet Portables Travel/Safety Kit

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"Anywhere you and your pet go, Pet Portables can go!"

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We recently received a Pet Portables Travel/Safety Kit for review... and as you can see, Lola was eager to try it out!  The all-in-one Pet Portables kit is an essential safety and travel companion for pet owners.
The aftermath of events like September 11th, the Midwest flash floods, California wildfires and Hurricane Katrina, forever changed the way people think about being prepared for a disaster. It also changed the way people pack their emergency kits to be ready to go at all times. However, most people forget about the importance of also having an emergency kit ready for their beloved pets. Though most pet owners, hopefully, will be spared losing a furry family member through a natural disaster, it's smart to plan ahead and be prepared to protect your pet.  This dilemma got New York entrepreneur, Jane Bell, thinking about how people can take better care of their pets' needs during an emergency - as well in ordinary times. "City people tend not to think about being prepared. During a New York blackout, one of my neighbors gave me an emergency kit. It had a bottle of water, a mask, a radio and a Metrocard. It was very compact. The idea for Pet Portables came from there."
PetPortables2The Pet Portables kit starts with a stylish grey and orange 13" x 9" x 3" nylon bag comprised of one large zippered compartment, a front velcro pocket and an adjustable strap, making it a cinch to carry.  The attached luggage tag allows you to easily display your business card or even a photo of your pet.  A clear plastic sleeve in the front velcro pocket holds an extensive ID card which you can fill out with your contact information, as well as your pet's vital information.  Four elasticized compartments inside the zippered part can hold bottled water, medications, food, etc. with ease.  A slip lead, collapsible bowl, and roll of poop bags are all included inside the bag, as well as a basic pet first aid kit which comes in it's own case, allowing you to stash it in the car or your own bag when you don't need the full Pet Portables kit.

PetPortables_Lola_4312Once you've added your own essentials - water, food, treats, medications, toys - the Pet Portables kit is perfect to keep in the car, have ready to go for a quick overnight trip or on hand in the event of a natural disaster or other unexpected event.

As a Mom to 4 slobbering, drooling, mud-loving Lapdogs, I am pleased to point out the perfect-for-pooches nylon bag easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.  On top of that, it's made in a "hides-alot" grey color that I personally find appealing.  The bright orange accents and interior not only make it easy to locate the bag quickly in an emergency, but also allows you to easily find what you need inside the bag.  

PetPortables_Sake_4312As important as the Pet Portables kit is for emergencies, it is certainly just as useful for all types of travel.  I would take this kit on day trips, hiking, to the beach, camping, etc.  If you and your dog are involved in agility, flyball, dock dogs or any sports, the Pet Portables kit is a perfect take along.  The bag is lightweight, easy to carry and roomy enough to hold all essentials. 

Be prepared... Feel secure... add a Pet Portables kit to your home today.  The kit would also make a fabulous gift for new pet parents!  


Kari in Alaska said...

It always nice to have one of those handy since you never know what may happen

Stop on by for a visit

Sue said...

Great idea. With so many I keep a plastic bin with all the essentials, but the bag would be great for trips with one or two at a time.

SissySees said...

Neat!! Far more portable than the bin under the sink...

HH and The Boys said...

I love that bag... Problem is... we never go anywhere. I see how it could be great for dogs though.


Bubblesknits said...

That's a great idea. Speaking of which, this reminded me that I need to make Micro's appointment for his yearly checkup.

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