Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Smiles

Happy Dogs on Thursday / Thorsday / Thankful Thursday / Little Friday / whatever you're happy about today! 

PetPortables_Lola_4312cIf you missed our review of the Pet Portables Travel/Safety Kit - and Lola's amazing modeling skills - earlier this week, check it out here.  The kit got me wondering... what do you use when traveling with your dog(s) and do you have a safety kit in the event of an emergency that you can easily grab and go?  For day trips, I've used a canvas doctor's style bag from Planet Dog for years.  We typically don't take more than 2 dogs at a time to visit family, so the bag works perfectly for a food/water bowl, treats, toys, bones, a super long leash/tie out, etc.  Our pet first aid kit lives under the bathroom sink and no, I've never taken it with us.  While we tend to always have extra food, treats and bottled water on hand, I will admit that I've yet to put together an emergency kit that could be grabbed in seconds if we had to move out of the house quickly.  Now that I have the Pet Portables kit, I will certainly be taking the first aid kit along.  Next up... work on putting together a true emergency kit for the Lapdogs.

Now for the Thursday Smiles, aka a few foster updates!  Skipper's Mom posted this picture of her "miniature pony" on my Facebook wall over the weekend.  Isn't he handsome?  Skip's Mom says he has become a fan favorite at work and doggy daycare... I can see why!


Izzy has settled right in very nicely at her forever home.  She has been having fun playing with her doggy cousins (don't you just love how well she - and her airplane ears - sits in the picture on the right) and working on turning her Dad into a morning person.  The Lapdogs sent Izzy home with the bright orange Planet Dog bone on the left, as well as her snuggie.  We see that she is still loving the bone, but I'm wondering if the snuggie lives on?  I had to do minor surgery on it twice before she left... 

Izzy_41312 Izzy_412

Little Mavie has been doing great and is a happy, healthy growing boy who loves playing with his brother Zac and doing the tricks he's learned.


Getting photos and updates on our fosters is always so wonderful and I appreciate them all so much... however Mavie's human sister took things one step further and created this awesome video update for us!

I can't tell you how much that video makes me smile... Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and give your pups an extra treat... or two!


Kathy R said...

I must admit Lucy travels in style with her own luggage. She (or we?) have a canvas L.L. Bean tote bag, similar to the boat-n-totes, but this one zips up and has pockets on the outside. It is also embroidered with a yellow Lab on one of the pockets thus identifying it as Lucy's. It's quite big so her bowls, balls, a toy or two, biscuits, and whatever else she needs can fit inside. I usually put the roll of poop bags in one of the outside pockets so they are easily accessible. She also travels with her Orvis quilted blanket, blue microfiber on one side and sheepskin on the other, personalized with her name. She sleeps on that. I think she knows it's hers because her name is right on it. We also never travel without the "throwing stick" so we can launch tennis balls for her. She is a retriever, after all.

Marjie said...

When we used to travel with a dog, we took bottled water, small bags of dog food, and our stainless steel bowls. Of course, a small bag of food is like a day's worth for a mastiff, right? And since our mastiff always traveled with small children, he never needed toys; his BFFs were right there to amuse him.

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