Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Mischeif: Whaz Ya Knittin'?

Well, it's Monday again... already.  After a rainy weekend, it's rather cool and overcast here in New England today and I'm not sure if the sudden weather change is what's got Zeus feeling a little down or not.  Although I'm not sure I can explain it as feeling a little down, since he's still goofing around acting like a puppy, but my big guy has had an "old man hack" here and there for almost two weeks now.  (and no, not a cough... but a hack/gag like sound)  I spoke to our vet about it last week during Lola's regular check up and she thought it may just be "old dog syndrome" (ya know, like an old man and his hack), but said to keep an eye on it. 

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Early this morning (read: 1:30AM) Zeus started throwing up clear white mucus with the consistency of egg whites.  Usually white stuff isn't a sign of anything major, but I was concerned and began googling his symptoms at 2AM this morning.  Do not google dog health symptoms before visiting your vet, especially at 2AM.  Of course this only got my mind working overtime with all the possibilities, but we made it through the night and called our amazing vet this morning.  Zeus is going to see her this afternoon for a chest x-ray, blood work (it's time for a liver level check anyway) and exam.  I'm hoping this is just my big guy's jealousy of his sister getting to see his favorite v-e-t- lady last week and he just wants to visit... but please keep all paws crossed for us today, would ya?

Back to the Monday Mischief... We got home late (2:30AM... see a trend here?  Yawn...) Sunday morning from Saturday night racing, which resulted in a very lazy Sunday at the Lapdog house.  It was all about sleeping in, football, overly cuddly dogs, knitting and pizza. 

Hey Mom, whaz ya knittin'?  Ya dunt mindz if I sleepz her, du ya?

Well, at least it was about knitting until this Tut happened.  So much for the knitting... did I mention we had overly cuddly dogs yesterday?  Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


Unknown said...

Paws crossed for Zeus is OK. Do let us know. Sending healing paw.
Best wishes Molly

Blueberry's human said...

Gosh I hope the cough isn't anything serious! You are right, googling your dog's symptoms before a vet visit is usually not a good idea. It's like when you use the human symptom checker - it all points to terrible life-threatening things!

Keep us posted.

Cute pics! Belly rubs trump knitting!

tubby3pug said...

We will keep you in our thoughts, dogs getting old is not easy. WE are dealing with needle biopsies right now and I have heard of the old dog hack you speak of from our Ping, of course never at the vet! Knitting is a great distraction, it always makes me feel better

urban hounds

jen said...

Sleeping, knitting, and football! That sounds right up my alley. Ok, not the knitting part, I'll leave that to you! but the sleeping and football is all me!
Hope everything is ok with Mr. Zeus:)
Keep me up to date.

Kathy R said...

How could you possibly knit with a puppy head in your lap? I would have put it down too to rub that fuzzy head.

Good luck to Zeus!

Sue said...

I learned a long time ago not to Google symptoms. You can scare yourself to death doing that. My Porties always vomit bile during the night if they don't have a bedtime snack. It's something to do with the Portie metabolism. That's why we always have yogurt at bedtime. Some Portie people use oatmeal.

We're got paws crossed that Zeus has a clean bill of health and that the liver numbers are sensational. Let us know.

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