Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Mischief

Happy Monday!  Are you all still enjoying the happy mischief of the holiday season?  This year we received some "vocal" gifts from the Lapdogs Gramma & Grampa in SC.  Let's just say, Tut was a little obsessed...

First came the musical gift card boxes for the humans.  As I was unpacking a big box of gifts to put under our tree, I accidentally set them off.  Tut came running and, well, it was a long night of Christmas music.  While he never quite learned how to make them play on his own, he properly trained Mommy to push the button whenever he nudge them.  And yes, this has happened off and on pretty much every day.  Apparently, my boy loves his Christmas tunes.

Then came the barking card.

I'm not sure he loved the barking card as much as the little music boxes of Christmas joy.  As you can see, he tried to bite it and learned to shut the barking up by closing the card.  At one point, he closed the card and nudged one of the music boxes.

While Tut was occupied with these little musical items for days, Lola held out for one thing and one thing only.  Unwrapping.

It doesn't matter if the gift is for her or not, she will gladly unwrap it for you.  Luckily, she doesn't try to unwrap anything until she's told it's okay.  Otherwise, we would have quite a bit of mischief and embarrassment on our hands.  Imagine coming home to a living room full of unwrapped gifts and having no idea who gave them to us... oy!

UPS just brought this...its for me... Its HUGE! #ILoveSurpriseMail Zeus is not impressedA short time before Christmas, we were informed by the great folks who run the Purina Dog Chow Families blogger program that the program was ending.  We had a great time participating, learning and sharing, and are sad to hear it's over.  However, we were I was very excited about the huge box the UPS man brought to us two days before Christmas.  And yes, I really mean huge.  Zeus didn't seem that impressed, but I sure was.

Check out all of the amazing goodies stuffed inside.

The HUGE box is from #purina #dogchow WOW! #Spoiled

WOW, thank you #purina #dogchow for all the amazing goodies! #Brookstone car organizer, 2 stadium blankets, #Vivitar digital camcorder, all weather ViviCan, digital photo frame, outdoor game set, #elleven rolling backpack, #dog leash & water bottle. Sad t

This human surely feels spoiled.  Thank you to Purina and the wonderful ladies who ran the program.  We received a Brookstone car organizer, 2 stadium blankets, rolling backpack, family game set, digital photo frame, all weather digital camera, digital video camera, leash and water bottle.

We sure hope you all had a little happy mischief in your holiday this year.  The memories made are truly priceless...


YourSpecialDog said...

Great gifts , you are so lucky

Flea said...

What a wonderful Christmas you had! And your dogs are so SMART!! :)

M. K. Clinton said...

Wow! What a great Christmas at your house!! Congratulations on all of your goodies! We received a singing holiday card and Bentley did not understand it at all! It was a big hit too! Have a great 2014!

Two Cats and a Cattledog said...

I don't think I'd like those cards or music boxes. I try not to even make my Wubba squeak! Looks like you guys had lots of fun though! Cooper the Cattledog

Kari in Alaska said...

What great gifts

Stop on by for a visit

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