Monday, March 17, 2014

May The Wind at Your Back Always Be Your Own

From the Lapdog household to yours,
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

We hope everyone gets to enjoy their favorite treat today... adult beverages for the humans and yummy treats for the furbabies!

Lola hopes you all enjoy your favorite brew on St Pattys Day! #dogstagram #instadog #dobermanmix #dobiemix #BananaBread #beer

Lola and Tut were debating which treat was for theirs, the Banana Bread Beer (Mama's favorite) or the Peanut Butter Banana treats from Casey Jones Bones.

Lola & Tut wondering which to pick... #BananaBread #beer or @caseyjonesbones #peanutbutterbanana #treats Happy St Pattys! #dogstagram #ilovemydogs #dobermanmix #coonhoundmix

Zeus, my resident booze hound, would love to try both...

Untitled Untitled

While my little hound girl looks like she and Mr. Pumpkin Man have already been indulging in all of the St Pattys Day fun. 

Sophie and Pumpkin Man look like they've been celebrating St Pattys already... #dogstagram #instadog #houndmix #ilovemydogs #ears #adoptdontshop

Remember to share, enjoy responsibly and have a wonderful day!


May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door." - Irish Blessing


Anonymous said...

Banana bread bear?? Hmmmm

Flea said...

Banana bread beer does not sound good. I like banana bread and bananas, but I don't like banana flavored anything else. How banana-y does it taste?

SlimDoggy said...

I'm not sure I can even imagine what banana bread beer tastes like...Happy St. Paddy's.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

WHAT??? Banana Beer :-) Will check on that!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Golden Woofs

Marjie said...

And may you be in Heaven a half an hour before the devil knows you're dead!

Susan and the gang from Life with Dogs and Cats said...

Love those noses! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

--Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

Unknown said...

I've heard of beer bread but never beer that tastes like bread! Interesting...pretty sure the pb treats would be most popular around here :)

Laika said...

Banana Beer. I can't imagine how it taste. I don't like banana, so I would probably not like the banana beer. Have a great day.

Sue said...

We're running a day late. We had corned beef sandwiches for dinner tonight.

Ruby said...

Banana Beer?! OMD, that sounds yummy!!! I thinks Ma wants one of those, and I'll take one of those biscuits!!! Please...Ma says to always say 'Please'!
Hopes you had a FABulous St. Patricks Day!
Ruby ♥

Kathy R said...

So Banana Bread is the brand but is it also the flavor? Very interesting! Where is it from?

I went out with my team from work and had a local brew from a brewery called No Label. It was dyed green as was my glass if water.

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