Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Hockey in June - There's Nothing Like It!

Please excuse the drive-by posting today.  While I've got several reviews to write, I also have several items to photograph for said reviews.  Things have been a little busy, and the weather hasn't been the most cooperative.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, have I mentioned how awesome hockey in June is lately?  Sure, I'd much prefer my beloved Bruins to be on the ice right now, but at the very least the Manchester Monarchs are kicking some butt in their quest for the franchise's first ever Calder Cup.



We've attended one game of each round, and I'm happy to report we've got a 3 - 0 streak going on!  The latest being game 2 of the finals on Sunday night, where the Monarchs took the OT win, and now lead the series 2 - 0.

Let's go Monarchs! #caldercupplayoffs #ahl #manchvegas #caldercuporbust #monarchs #hockey

#caldercupplayoffs #ahl #manchvegas #monarchs #caldercuporbust #letsgomonarchs

It's going to be sad to see our AHL team head West next month and replaced with the Kings' lower level ECHL team, but... WE WANT THE CUP!!!! 


While I suppose the banner would be raised in Ontario if they win, I wonder if we get to keep custody of Max?

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled reviews... and Lapdog cuteness.  Today happens to be the Lapdogs' hoomans anniversary, and Tut asks that you keep him and his sisters in your thoughts as they pout when Mommy & Daddy head out to eat without them tonight...


Sue said...

I'm taking in as much June hockey as I can get. We have to store it up see us thru the summer.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! Poor pups they just want to celebrate too!

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