Monday, June 01, 2015

A Little Jail Time

Monday already?  Boy do these weekends just seem to fly by... even when it's raining.

Penny spent part of the weekend trying to use a get out of jail free card...


Okay, so it's not jail and she actually likes her x-pen, but I couldn't help myself.  I believe I snapped this one as she was trying to see what her big brother was barking at.

Speaking of barking, Chucky was out doing his best to mow the dandelions in the yard this weekend, which was causing quite a bit of chit-chatter from Tut and Sophie both.  We haven't spotted any baby woodchucks yet this Spring, but hopefully we'll have a couple.  I'll try and remember to take pictures next time Chucky is out gallivanting.

In the meantime, the Woodchuck Patrol is on high alert...


2015-05-29_08-48-43 2015-05-31_09-43-50

Penny says, "Woodchucks? Whatcha talkin' bout Teutul?" Apparently she thinks they're quite amusing...

20150529_161735-1 20150529_161720-1

Other than that, there wasn't a lot of mischief going on this weekend.  Well, except that Tut and Sophie are back to wondering where their humans disappear to for a long day. They see Daddy work on the race car in the driveway during the week, but aren't quite sure where it goes.



I don't think they care too much, except now their little sister is taking off with the humans and the race car too.  Shhh... they don't know she's going to visit her new BFF, our former foster baby Belle.  Not to mention all of Penny's fans at the track.


Ahhh...the life of a race dog.

Track life of the #HooliganMotorsports mascot. #puppygram #dobiemix #instapuppy #inexlegends #uslegendscars #rescuedpuppiesofinstagram #adoptdontshop #dobermanmix

So, what mischief do you have going on in your world?


Talent Hounds said...

What type of car does he race? They look very cool!
Also that last photo in the garage is too cute :)

Marjie said...

How funny that Belle and Penny are so close to the same size! We had plenty of yard repairs going on this weekend...before the rain on Sunday! Natasha was here to chase the deer, too. It's pretty funny.

LA Paylor said...

such a sweet knowing face. LeeAnna

Sue said...

Oh Penny, you have so many things to learn and you're going to enjoy most of them, live bunnies and chuckies.

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