Tuesday, June 16, 2015

REVIEW: Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle

Disclosure: Chewy sent a Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle dog toy to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle

Where to Find: Chewy.com


When our friends at Chewy asked what the Lapdogs would like to review this month, the choice was a little difficult. There were a lot of new, yummy sounding treats to chose from, but there was also a very interesting toy from Kong. While I'm sure Sophie and Tut would have preferred Mama picked one of the treat options, the toy sounded perfect for a certain bouncing baby girl... and I was right!


At a mere 14 weeks old, Penny went to work and completed her very first review (just don't go calling the labor board on us now)! As you can see, she is quite proud of herself and could not wait to introduce you to the Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle dog toy. 


As soon as I opened the box (which just happened to also contain a bag of treats that we'll tell you about in a separate post -- I'm not sure if Tut learned how to type emails to those Chewy folks or what, but they certainly know how to spoil my kids and I am forever thankful), I knew instantly that Penny was going to love this!  While I was removing the packaging, Tut jumped right in to steal it perform a safety inspection to ensure the new toy was safe for his little sister.  He's such a protective big brother...

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The Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle is available in two sizes, Medium and Large.  We opted for the Medium size for Penny and it is truly a perfect fit for my growing baby girl.  Yet, it is also a good size for both Tut and Sophie to enjoy as well.  Since dimensions aren't listed, I'm not sure how much larger the "Large" actually is, but if you're trying to judge, Tut and Sophie are both just a bit over 60 pounds. 


This toy is fantastic for tossing, tugging and retrieving, providing hours of playtime fun for you and your pup. The durable, non-toxic ball has a recessed squeaker and was designed for a fun, erratic bounce when tossed -- perfect for energetic puppies to chase for hours!  The rope and handle allow you to play tuggy with your pup, something Penny is just learning.  So far, I am very impressed with the quality.  We've had other tug toys in the past that were flimsy and, quite frankly, just not built to last.  This is not one of those "single use" toys by any means.

Penny thoroughly enjoyed chasing, retrieving and tugging on the Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle for about 15 minutes before deciding to lie down and work on getting the ball to squeak... and squeak, and squeak some more. The 3-in-1 toy has quickly become one of her favorites and I know it is one that we will take with us on many outings this summer.


If you have aggressive chewers in your pack, I would only recommend this toy for use during supervised playtime.  Penny, on the other hand, carries it around with her and picks it up for periodic playing all day long (neither Tut or Sophie chew up toys left around, so that is not something I have to worry about).  I'm hoping she'll start bringing it over to her humans, asking us to play tuggy with when she wants to.


Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle comes in several colors, including ruby, amethyst, emerald and sapphire.  While you can chose the size when ordering, the color ships at random.  As you can see, we received ruby.   

We're sure going to have a lot of fun with our Kong Squeezz Ball with Handle this summer, and Penny certainly thinks every pup should have one!  Tut, however, does not think any dog should wear one...


Don't forget, 1 - 2 day shipping is always free at Chewy with any order of $49 or more.  Stock up on food or treats, or grab several Kong Squeezz Balls to share with all of your doggy friends this summer.  They make great gifts.


Talking-Dogs said...

Penny did such a great review. She was born for it! :-) We got this toy, too, and my dogs love it.

Unknown said...

What a FUN toy this looks to be!


Sue said...

We have a dilemma. Mackey has a Nylabone ring that she loves, BUT she chipped a tooth chewing on t. So last night I threw it out and she's very unhappy, sulking in a corner. The vet says she can't have anything hard enough to hurt when you hit your knee with it. Any ideas?

Marjie said...

Penny clearly enjoyed her reviewing duties. Now, she will be included in the snack review, right?

Tank left his favorite crab toy here when he went home on Sunday, so I UPS'ed it to him yesterday. He's really funny hauling it around and squeaking it. It's the only squeaker he hasn't chewed through. I'll bet he would enjoy this ball toy, too.

tubby3pug said...

We had this toy and Bob loved it then never led idea he was tired of it. Now it seems everyone loves stuffies. Plus frys Magic squeaker ball. Glad penny likes her toy
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