Sunday, September 27, 2015

Black & White Sunday: Apple or Avacado?

Happy first Sunday of Fall!  Are you as excited as we are? 

Teutul wants to know, how do you like your apples?


Sophie was wondering if you learned anything about #AvoDermNatural Rotational Menu on Tuesday? While she won't be the one taking the 6 week challenge (that will be Teutul), she thought she should check out these avocado things anyway.


Penny is concerned that you might have missed her their review of Blue Boo Bars.  They were so good that she forgot Mommy stuck this silly hat on her head...


Enjoy your Sunday-funday!


SissySees said...

We still need to do our Boo bar review! We love them - and Penny in that cute hat!

M. K. Clinton said...

The dogs love apple slices. I prefer mine with caramel and nuts, but that's a different story! LOL! We love Boo Bars and avocados. I enjoyed both of your reviews ☺

Ruby said...

I loves me some apples! Butts Ma says they gives me what! ☺
Ruby ♥

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