Monday, September 14, 2015

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Fresh Wave #HappyHealthyOdorFree

Disclosure: Fresh Wave sent a box of full-size products to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Fresh Wave

Where to Find: Fresh Wave is Exclusively at Target


Fellow dog parents, let's face it, our beloved furbabies can sometimes --gasp-- stink.  We've all been there, perhaps with a wet dog, litter box odor, gerbil cage, or new puppy accident.  And yes, I've been over here raising my hand in shame often for that last one over the past few months. 
While we, as pet parents, "get used to" or become nose-blind to many of the everyday odors in our homes, our guests notice right away. Thanks to the brand new Fresh Wave® products available exclusively at Target, we don't have to turn a blind-nose to odors any longer! In fact, we can now live in an odor free home without using harsh chemicals!


Life doesn't have to stink! 

Fresh Wave eliminates the odor naturally - without harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes, or toxic ingredients. Instead, Fresh Wave products use simple, pure and natural ingredients such as water and essential oils.  These natural ingredients are sourced from around the globe in order to provide the best possible solutions for customers, however Fresh Wave products are manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana.

Fresh Wave products are safe to use around your entire family, including the fur-kids. As a dog Mom, this is always one of my first questions when using any cleaning or odor-eliminating product in or around my home. With Fresh Wave, not only do I know my home smells cleaner and that the Lapdogs are safe, but I also know that I am not harming the environment by using these products. Now that's a win-win-win!


Happy. Healthy. Odor-Free.

On August 16, Fresh Wave launched three new products sold exclusively at Target...

Odor Removing Spray
Just shake, spray and smile - it's literally that easy!  And, you can use it anywhere in need of immediate odor removal.  I've been using the spray on the dog beds, in the kitchen trash can, and on the couch covers. It works great for stinky shoes and sports equipment too (note to self: add a bottle to our Target shopping list so we can leave one inside the race car hauler).

Odor Removing Gel
The 16oz container of gel is perfect for those spots where you want 24/7 odor removal such as in the basement or bathroom.  Simply remove the seal and replace the slotted lid and Fresh Wave will do the job without you having to remember to do anything more (once the gel disappears in 60 - 90 days, replace with a new one)!  

Odor Removing Packs
These convenient little packs are perfect for tossing in smaller places like your car, gym bag, closet, shoes or any other little space that needs odor-eliminating.  Each pack lasts up to 60 days.  *Although Fresh Wave products are all-natural, please don't leave the packs around where curious pets or young children might possibly ingest them.


With Fresh Wave, odors go away. Happiness stays.  

This two-human, multi-dog, sports enthusiastic household is thrilled with how the Fresh Wave products eliminate odors.  And, this concerned dog Mom is thrilled with how much healthier and cleaner our environment is.  Plus, I love Target and Fresh Wave just gives me another excuse to need to stop there.

Clearly our number one use for Fresh Wave is pet and sports odors, but you certainly don't need to have pets to love this line. Fresh Wave can work for anyone! Perhaps in the bathroom or kitchen? Did you burn last night's dinner? Maybe you've got stinky sports equipment or a diaper pail to contend with? Someone forgot to take out the trash? Unsure just what Junior created in Chemistry class? Smokers in your home? Stinky basement?

Even in the car or RV, Fresh Wave can eliminate those not-so-fresh smells and provide a happy, clean, sniff-worthy environment for you and your family that will keep you smiling and being #HappyHealthyOdorFree  

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Are you ready to tackle the stink in your home? Thanks to the great folks over at Fresh Wave, one lucky winner will receive the same kit of fabulous odor removing products you see here! Winner must live in the USA. 

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Linda said...

Dog and Cat odor.

Thanks for letting us know about Fresh Wave.
Finally something we don't have to order on line
and can pick up local.
We'd love to try this out here in Seattle.
xo Cinnamon

Unknown said...

Thanks for this review!

Krystle said...

We will definitely have to check this one out!! Thanks for sharing!

How Sam Sees It said...

We will have to try it!

Monty and Harlow

(We see rafflecopter today!)

Sue said...

With ten dogs in the house we can always use help in this area. I especially like the gels for the crate room.

Sue said...

With ten dogs in the house we can always use help in this area. I especially like the gels for the crate room.

Unknown said...

I have a 3 legged indoor cat that uses a litter box and a dog who likes to find muddy puddles to play in. This sounds wonderful! I like the fact that it doesn't have any harsh chemicals too! I entered your giveaway with a Facebook account, and I am now a follower of your blog!

Unknown said...

The other halfs work boot! ;) nothing can cure that so the next stinky smell.... wet dog! Love her, but not that smell.

Unknown said...

Kitty litter, doggy smell and the trash can plus stuffy smells.

Heather Duquaine said...

Wet dog, smelly dogs who decide that rolling in the dirt, lawn clippings, etc is a great idea. This would be great to try!

Vunda Vall said...

i have two big dogs, one of whom still seems to have a hard time with concept of potty training :) if you catch my drift

Marjie said...

I'll have to mention this to Jeffrey for Tank, who loves to romp outside. I usually just hope that it isn't raining each time Tank comes to visit here, because you know he never misses the chance to free-range romp on my 10 acres!

LaylasWoof said...

Living in a shoebox of a studio anything to get the smell out of the house especially when Madam comes inside

Unknown said...

Two doggies equals lots of stinky stuff 😕 would love to try this!!!

evie said...

i need to remove dog smell, my girls have some oops sometimes and even though i clean, mop and scrub sometimes the smell still is there.

evie said...

i need to remove dog smell, my girls have some oops sometimes and even though i clean, mop and scrub sometimes the smell still is there.

Unknown said...

I need to get rid of the wet dog smell!!! ;)

Ally said...

Don't get me wrong, I love my dog, but sometimes she leaves the couch smellin' a little funky and I could live without that smell ;)

molly pitcher said...

my dog sometimes has accidents since he is older. pet urine smell I need to get rid of!

Unknown said...

We need to get rid of our litter box oder

Ali said...

The wet dog smell!

Em Mahr said...

I'd love Fresh Wave to help eliminate the small of my sons sweaty sporting gear!

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