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REVIEW: Planet Dog Toys & Treats

Disclosure: Planet Dog sent the items featured in this review to Lapdog Creations, free of charge, for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.


Planet Dog Toys

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It's been quite awhile since the Lapdogs have reviewed Planet Dog toys (scroll down the sidebar and you'll find links to several PD reviews from years past). Too long. After all, Planet Dog is a not only Maine-based (I love supporting New England companies), but the majority of their items are Made in the USA (the exception being fabric items, such as plush toys, collars, leads and travel bowls). Plus, Planet Dog is a company that truly gives back (I'll tell you about the Planet Dog Foundation at the end of this review).
"Think Globally. Act Doggeldy." - Planet Dog
The Lapdogs received a box of Orbee-Tuff items to review from the Nooks, Cosmos, Snoop and Buoy collection, as well as a box of Eats

2015-08-24_05-07-57 2015-08-24_05-04-53

For those of you who may not be familiar with Orbee-Tuff, it is a latex-free plastic developed by Planet Dog. There are no BPAs or Phthalates used. Instead, White Olefinic oil (much like Baby Oil) is used to soften the material. A small amount of essential Peppermint oil is added, which give Orbee-Tuff toys that distinct smell.

Planet Dog has tested the toys many times over the past 10 years, and they have always shown to be non-toxic. The Lapdogs have also tested many of the Orbee-Tuff toys over the years, and true to their namesake, they have not only stood up to the toughest chewers, but to the test of time as well. In fact, we have several many-years old Orbee-Tuff toys in our baskets that Penny has been discovering. Some are as old as 8 years! 

2015-08-24_05-10-26 2015-08-24_05-08-57

I suspect these new toys will be around for quite some time to come as well.  We received:

2015-08-24_05-04-08Buoy - I'll admit, as a girl from "The Other Cape," this was the toy I couldn't wait to see!  Besides, every New England dog should have a buoy to chomp, tug and catch (as should non-New England pooches)! 

Buoys, one of the newest additions to the Orbee-Tuff Interactive collection, are really cool looking (again, "The Other Cape" girl here), multi-purpose toys.  Toss one for a game of fetch, play tuggy, or stuff it full of treats to keep your pup's brain engaged and entertained. The unique Buoy shape results in a very unpredictable bounce, which results in endless fun. And, of course, Buoy floats, making it the perfect toy to pack for a day at the beach or lake.

Standing 5" high, the Buoy is currently available in red/blue or red/glow and rated 4 out of 5 chompers, making it suitable for most chewers.

Nooks - Another new addition to the Orbee-Tuff Interactive collection, Nooks are "a hole new ball for a hole new ball game" (love the pun!). 

Stuff 'em or bounce 'em!  The whimsical shapes of the durable, bouncy Nooks create unique stuffing slots for treats, peanut butter, mashed potatoes, cheese, or your favorite stuffing.  I love that they literally have "nooks and crannies" to stuff, which will keep your over-achieving dog busier than many other "stuff it" toys. 

Nooks are 2.5" round and rated 5 out of 5 chompers, making them suitable for just about every dog.  They are currently available in three adorable styles - Yellow Smiley Face, Red Heart and Green Peace Sign.  

2015-08-24_05-06-18Snoop - Also part of the Orbee-Tuff Interactive collection, Snoop was designed to challenge a dog's mind and energize his play. The ball-shaped, translucent toy features a deep crevice to pop treats in. Your dog will have endless hours of fun tossing, kicking and flipping Snoop around while he tries to get his reward to spill out.

As a dog Mom who's always looking to keep her kids engaged and likes seeing them work for their reward, I love the Snoop toy.  We tested all three of these Orbee-Tuff toys with the Planet Dog eats and Snoop was by far the toughest challenge for the Lapdogs.  It's a very squishy ball that will collapse when stepped on, adding to the fun of the crazy bouncy toy.  The deep crevice makes it a little harder to get the treats to fall out, which makes watching your dog play with it all the more fun.  You can really see them concentrating and working so hard to figure it out.  

Snoop is available in blue or orange, and is 5" in diameter.  Because Snoop is intended for puzzle-play, not chewing, it is not rated on Planet Dog's durability scale.  They do not recommend leaving Snoop with unattended dogs.

Cosmos - The Orbee-Tuff Cosmos lines features three balls - Luna, Ringo and Sol.  We have received both Luna and Ringo for review in the past, so I opted to not give the Luna ball pictured above to the Lapdogs.  Penny actually dug out our Ringo ball from the bottom of a basket just a couple weeks ago and has been happily chasing the bouncy, ringed-ball around the house. 

Luna glows in the dark, just like the moon.  Measuring in at 4" round, she's the perfect option for most dogs, especially those who love to play in the yard after dark.


Eats - The Lapdogs are no strangers to Planet Dog Eats, as they have had the pleasure of sampling several flavors over the years.  Well, except for Penny... these were her very first Eats treats.  She loved them. 

Eats are 100% natural, bone-shaped cookie treats baked in the USA.  Currently, they are available in two flavors - PB & J and Chicken & Pumpkin Pot Pie.  We received PB & J, which feature peanut butter, blueberries and cinnamon.  The low-calorie treats are the perfect reward to stuff inside the interactive Orbee-Tuff toys.


As you can clearly see, the Lapdogs thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the new Orbee-Tuff toys. 

Tut has always been the Lapdog who showed the most enthusiasm for interactive toys that he can kick around while treats fall out.  He acts like that pushy little kid on Halloween who "nudges" his way to the front to get the best candy.  If there are treats falling out of a toy, Tut will butt-check the other dogs out of his way to ensure the fun is all his (of course, he doesn't realize that sometimes he's too busy kicking things around to notice a trail of treats behind him, which Sophie is always happy to quietly scoop up).  Therefore, having three new - and super fun - interactive toys at once was rather perfect. 

Tut seemed to favor Snoop, while the girls each took turns with the Buoy and Nook.  Although, they all chased each toy around at some point. 

Besides being Made in the USA by a socially responsible company, Planet Dog toys are also 100% guaranteed.  That's right... 100% guaranteed - any time, every time.  Whether it's chewed or destroyed, or your dog turns her nose up to it, you can return it.  How awesome is that? 

2015-08-24_05-11-05 2015-08-24_05-08-23

You already know how much we love Planet Dog as a company and we're giving the Orbee-Tuff interactive toys, glowing Luna ball and Eats treats our official Lapdog seal of approval.  Any one of these would make a great addition to your pooch's toy collection.  Of course, Mama is partial to the Buoy (and I apologize that it seems as though that is reflected in the photos I snapped as well), but I'm sure your dog would love any of them.

As mentioned at the beginning of our review, Planet Dog is a company that gives back through it's philanthropic arm, The Planet Dog Foundation (PDF).
"The mission of the Planet Dog Foundation is to promote and celebrate programs in which dogs serve and support their best friends.  We fund and support all dogs working to enhance and save lives."
PDF is funded primarily by Planet Dog's contribution of 2% from every sale to the Foundation's grant making fund.  Each time a Planet Dog product is purchased, 2% of the sale is donated to PDF.  And, that doesn't matter if your make your purchase on the website or at a dog boutique.

Since 2006, PDF has donated more than $1 million in cash grants and product donations to non-profits that train, place, and support dogs working to help people in need. This includes service dogs, therapy dogs, K-9 search & rescue programs, police & military dogs, medical alert dogs, guide dogs, and more!  Grants are awarded twice each year.  To learn more, visit PDF online.


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Absolutely LOVE Planet Dog!

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I have been wanting the Snoop toy for some time now but never took the plunge! After reading you review I'm going to have to send my humans to the store!!! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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They always have a lot of great, fun toys!

SlimDoggy said...

Jack has one of those Snoop balls and loves it - occupies him for a long time with just a few treats inside.

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Don't these look brill!

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