Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween + Racing = Mischief

While the real mischief going on around here this weekend was the fact that the humans had the nerve to be gone all day on both Saturday and Sunday (and yes, left all three Lapdogs at home... sorry Penny, the race track was just too crowded and it was way too cold), the fun mischief was our Halloween card photo shoot.  Here's just a little tease...


For those of you wondering about the humans' weekend mischief (from which at least one of us is struggling to get through her Monday without falling asleep at her desk)...

This past weekend was the US Legends Road Course World Finals...


Since the big event was at our home track this year, the man got to participate.  We had a blast competing with teams from all over the world, including the UK, Finland, South Africa, Sweden and Russia!


While we did not participate in the open practice on Friday, we did drive up to the track to drop off one of the cars.  Penny came along for the ride and met our garage mates from the UK (who went on to win our Masters class and the World Championship!).  I'm not sure who had who wrapped around their finger/tail, but they had lots of scratches for her and she obliged with lots of kisses and tail wags.  I wish I thought to snap some photos... my girl had the biggest smile ever!  They begged me to bring her back on Saturday, but because of the long, cold days and so many teams at the track, we decided it was best that our race girl sat this one out.

Arriving at the race track before sunrise...



The Masters class that Matt runs in had the largest field of the weekend, which made for some exciting racing!  While he participated for the experience and fun (meaning we weren't expecting to go out there and run Top 5 or anything), he was thrilled to race hard with some great guys towards the back of the pack and picked up over a second on his best lap time prior to the event! 


On Saturday, he finished 16th in his Qualifying race and 8th in his Heat race... which equaled a 16th place starting position for the Feature race on Sunday.

2015-10-17_06-48-18 2015-10-17_06-50-13

We met a lot of great people from all over the world, spent time with good friends, and just plain had an amazing, yet tiring, weekend!  Our garage mates, Mickel Motorsports (aka those Brits who loved Penny) were some of the nicest guys around.  We were happy to see them take home the Masters win, and not just because they gifted us with all sorts of goodies before they left.  They gave some racing stuff to Matt, but I was most excited about them leaving me the electric kettle I'd been coveting all weekend (we brought a crock pot for lunch, but having hot water in the pits on a very cold weekend was genius).  Thanks guys! Penny is still bummed that she didn't get to go to the track Saturday and Sunday to spend more time with you!



We parked next to this guy for the official on-track group photo of all the cars, drivers and team members.  Matt was already chatting with him when I got over there, as he was hoping he didn't "mess Matt up" during the heat race on Saturday.  I got in on the conversation when he was telling Matt about all of the tracks he races at, and how he races mostly on dirt.  I said "man, that's got to be fun!" and he responded with a very enthusiastic yes!  As he was telling Matt where he was from, I noticed the name on his car and it clicked. 

20151018_110450 20151018_110455

If you're into racing, you probably know who Matt had a blast racing against this weekend. Such a nice, down to earth guy who's been around racing for years and just having some fun out there like the rest of us!  Unfortunately, his race ended early yesterday due to an oil leak.


Did I mention that it was a cold weekend?!  I think it was around 35 degrees when we arrived yesterday morning.  We had not one, but two hail storms on Saturday... and snow flurries yesterday.  Funny how it was in the 70's at the beginning of the week and will be back up in the 60's later this week...

Here are more pics from the weekend, although I still need to download the best ones off of my camera....






The weekend ended with a p12 finish in the Master's class.  So very proud of him!


So, what kind of mischief did you get into this past weekend?


Marjie said...

It wasn't pretty this weekend. Mark played football in 41 degrees and windy on Saturday least it wasn't raining/sleeting like it was Friday evening! This was one weekend I was happy to do very little, save attending the used book sale. I hope Penny understands that she was better off in her warm house snuggling with the other lapdogs!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

You guys are ready for Halloween. Maybe next time he will do well on his race. Saw in the news it was snowing there ... Have a great week. Golden Woofs

Kari Neumeyer said...

Dogs in costumes are the best!!

2browndawgs said...

Except for the weather, it sounds like fun!

Ruby said...

Oh NOES!!! you gots COSTUMED! Sorry guys...I saw Ma with something yesterday...I've been running under the table everytimes she comes near me with somethings in her hands!
Oh, looks like your Peeps had one helluva time at the Track! Ma is all jealous!
Ruby ♥

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