Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Did Someone Say Low-Fat Cake?

In case you missed it, Teutul celebrated birthday #12 on Sunday!

Lapdog Creations dog birthday cake

With my boy's recent pancreatitis diagnosis, we had to ensure his cake was low-fat, which meant I needed to contact the bakery we use to get information on the fat content of their recipes.  As I had suspected, the Apple Oatmeal was very low in fat (sorry Tut, no more Cheeseburger cakes).  We rounded it out with the yogurt icing and wahla...

Tut's 12th birthday cake from @thebarkeryma Apple Oatmeal with yogurt frosting #dogcake #thebarkery #ilovemydogs #dogmom #dogtreats #birthday #appleoatmeal #cake #dogstagram #instadog #seniordog

Tut certainly doesn't seem to notice anything "low fat" about his cake (or his new Fromm kibble for that matter, which we'll be telling you all about soon).

Lapdog Creations dog birthday cake Lapdog Creations dog birthday cake

Lapdog Creations dog birthday cake

He got a Knottie Moose HuggleHounds toy as well, but was clearly more interested in the cake than some squeaky orange herbivore.

Lapdog Creations dog birthday cake

It's hard to believe that my baby boy is now the senior Lapdog... and he's 12 years old!  Time flies by much too quickly when it comes to our furkids already short lives.

Lapdog Creations dog birthday cake

Tut goes to see Dr. C for his annual check-up next week and I look forward to speaking with her more in depth about his pancreatitis diagnosis. I have some questions, and while I can research the disease online until I drive myself crazy, I'd much prefer to get some clear, concise answers first. After all the dog issues we've faced within our pack over the past few years (including megaesophagus, autoimmune issues, vestibular disease, soft tissue sarcoma, allergies, skin issues, and bone cancer), I suppose I will become well-informed on yet another.

Here's to many, many more birthdays - and many more years of being annoyed by his pesky little sisters - for my boy!
Lapdog Creations dogs birthday cake

Can you spot them both lined up waiting for cake photo bombing their brother in this shot?


Do any of your dogs have a birthday celebration coming up, and will there be cake?  The Lapdogs' next cake will be for Sophie's nifty-number-nine in early December!


Sue said...

That cake looks delicious. I keep thinking I'll make a doggie cake but always run out of time. One of these days.

I know what you mean about learning about strange illnesses. I've gotten a real education over the last few years.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

Happy 12th birthday Tut! Wishing you many more! That cake looks so delish, hope you enjoyed it!
Love & biscuits,
Digs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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