Thursday, March 15, 2007

Friday Night Knitting Club .... on Saturday???

The lovely Kate Jacobs brought her Friday Night Knitting Club book tour to Manchester last Saturday night for a little talking and signing. Kate read a bit from the book, told us a little about her background and answered questions before sitting down to sign books.

KateJacobs 31007

During the Q&A, Kate's next novel came up and it was suggested that she call it the Wednesday Night Knitting Club given that most of those present (including Ericka, Chris, Gina, Jackie, Heather, Gigi, Lora and a couple newbies who I snagged from work) were from the Wednesday night ManchVegas and A Knitter's Garden groups... Of course, she said her next novel may not be about knitting clubs at all... darn it!

I think Ericka was first in line to get her book signed (after of course snagging a front row seat for the talk)...

Kate Signing 31007c

Speaking of the multi talented Ericka, I finally snagged a few of her Down to Hearth handmade soaps, including the most delicious smelling Brownie Battter - can you say YUM-O??!! You'll find them soon at that link on the Sereknity website and if you're local, you can find them at The Yarn & Fiber Company in Windham.

Here's Jackie reviewing the mug shot of she & Kate together, with several Manch Vegans standing in line...

Kate Signing 31007d

I got my mug shot with Kate too!


And she signed my book "Happy Knitting" ... you have to love it when an author writes Happy Knitting and not Happy Reading after just hearing a lady in the audience tell her how difficult it was to decide whether to spend her time knitting or reading the book and that the reading was progressing quite slowly because knitting usually wins!


It was a lot of fun to hear Kate speak and to meet her. She is really excited about the possibility of Julia Roberts turning her very first novel in to a movie ... who wouldn't be, right?!?!

So as you might guess, most of us were knitting during Kate's talk and I took it upon myself to start up a mindless project so I could knit and listen with ease. Here's my little bit of progress on the Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf. I'm using rose/grey moulinette colorway.


In other WIP news, I'm up to the foot on my first Cabled Footsie ...


The pattern is from Interweave's One Skein book and so far is a pretty quick and easy knit, however I did realize I missed a stinking frigging cable repeat for 12 darn rows! a bit of the cable on the far left and had to take those 4 stitches out 12 rows back and rework them. It was a pain in the arse gave me some good practice at fixin' my knittin'.... and I absolutely love this Tuscany colorway from Lorna's Laces, so I'm happy to say I can move on now that I've fixed my stupid, stupid, stupid mistake.

I finally brought Simon's little camo sweater and "Chick Magnet" shirt over to him. We got the t-shirt on him, but he was a little cranky so we didn't mess with the sweater. I'm hopeful it fits, but haven't heard from his Mommy yet...

Chick Magnet Indeed....

Simon 31207b

Pooped out from entertaining all the chicks....

Simon 31207e

As I'm playing blog catch-up, I'll leave you today with Zeus' 6th Birthday photos...


My gentle giant (notice the very dainty lick, as he's probably saying to himself "Enough with the darn pictures already... can I tear in to this thing yet?!?!?!)...


And finally, my handsome 6 year old, posing nicely while Mommy makes him do embarrassing silly things with his new birthday toy...


That's it... back to dealing with the turn-your-head-and-it'll-change New England weather! It was 72 degrees yesterday and now we're expecting a snow storm tomorrow to dump 6" or more of snow (some say up to 6", some say 6 - 13" ... in other words, they don't know!).... oh the joys! I'm also thinking about some wonderful goodies that I can start spoiling my Secret Pal with!!!


NH Knitting Mama said...

Hey, what a great post! Lots of great pics of the signing and WIPs, and of course the furry babies!

Looking forward to meeting you at group some Wed. night!


Gina House said...

Wow!!! Absolutely GREAT blogging! Your pics came out super and I love the pic of you and Kate Jacobs! Love the things you're knitting on, too. What colors!

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