Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CONTEST - 3 days left!

In case you haven't heard, I'm running a CONTEST ... and you have just 3 days left to enter! Click here for the details.

I'm still hopeful that I'll get that ASPCA ticker at the top of my blog to reach my $1,000 goal... will you help? If you do itemized tax returns (esp if you own your home), you need tax deductible donations, so what better way than to help the homeless animals through such a wonderful organization and get in a tax deductible donation before year end?

I realize I've yet to post the prizes - sorry, life has been hectic! - so now I'm going to just wait and post them when I post the winners. Trust me... you won't be disappointed if you enter!

Please remember, if you've entered in any of those ways, you must email me at LapdogCreations at AOL dot com and let me know... don't forget to include your snail mail addy in case you win!!!

Foster Update: My little sweetie pie,
Sophie is still with us... and looking for her forever home. With each passing week, she continues to grow & blossom in our home and I fear that we will become a 4 doggy household... which means we would have to limit vacations greatly eat pb&j for dinner on a regular basis not be able to foster any more for a long, long time. She is that loveable and it would be quite easy to make her a permanent family member (even though I've always said that if we ever became a 4 doggy home, it had to be a Boston Terrier... that she is obviously not, but...). We brought her to CT with us for Thanksgiving, where she won over everyone's hearts despite her shyness (if only Mom-Sue wasn't allergic, I think she & Matt's Dad would've consider adopting her!) and she will be celebrating her 1st Birthday with us next week on December 6th......

Teutul still insists on being the baby of the house, but he's getting good with sharing the attention... (l-r Sophie, Lola, Teutul





The Princess said...

Sophie is sooo cute! I wish I could convince G & S to adopt another dog! And I bet I could, except we are already adopting a dog, that will be coming over the christmas holidays! An exciting addition!

Good luck finding Sophie a loving home! I'm sure she'll get a great family soon!

Unknown said...

Send Tetul a scratch from me. Sophie is soo cute. I am glad to hear Tetul is coping better with sharing the love ;)

SissySees said...

Mooch, mooch, pooch, pooch! You have such cute doggies!

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