Monday, January 14, 2008

1 down, 2 to go!

GO PATS... 1 down, 2 more games to go!

Not only did the Pats get it done this weekend, I actually have two finished objects from the weekend! finished 2 hats - my Amanda and Nathaniel's breeze hat. I am planning to photo them
today... in the snow! Yes folks, our crazy New England weather has brought us snow once again... we are in the midst of getting well over a foot of snow as I type!


Kare said...

What? No dogs? ; (
Go Football!?
I don't know anything about football but I'll root for whoever you want me to.
Sorry to hear about the snow. Hope the driving is safe. No drifting now. I mean with the vehicle...

silfert said...

Ah, lucky us! Not only did our city fathers actually consider thinking about proposing the possibility of suggesting the idea of plowing our streets this time, the snow melted in about a week and a half! And the resulting mud only took a week to dry up. This is the kind of weather that makes people appreciate us knitters, eh? ;)

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