Thursday, April 17, 2008

Contest, Knitting, Spring & DOGS... oh my!

So... we've happened upon yet another Dogs on Thursday, which means its almost TGIF time -- yeah!!!! As an added bonus, its feeling a lot like spring around here (high 60's today!)....

I did a hurry up, I've got 5 minutes before I have to leave for work quick photo shoot this morning, taking advantage of the lovely sunshine, to prove to everyone that I still knit, since I know my WIP and FO content has been lacking lately. As a result, I also downloaded a tun of cute furbaby pics off the camera too (a couple weeks worth - I sure do have plenty for upcoming DOT content...) Now grab a cup of coffee and settle in, this one's going to be a long one...

Shall we knit first? I'm just about done with the 2nd skein of
Wisdom Sonnet for my One Row scarf, but think I want it longer so I grabbed a 3rd skein at A Knitter's Garden last night.


After frogging my ISE6 pal's lacey scarf twice, I decided to switch patterns (it was a designer error, not user error on the much cursed first pattern) and am now working on the Oriel Lace scarf.


I'm already loosing sleep wondering if I have any chance at all of completing this in time (friggin fingering weight yarn ... everyone thought I was crazy at guild last night...), however since my pal is fond of fall colors (just like me) and she lives in a cold winter climate (me too), I am comfortable in knowing that I can send her the beautiful wool/silk blend One Row scarf above if need be (but you bet I will have to make another one for myself.... I heart this one!).... ahhh, having a solid fall back plan feels nice!

Clappy is growing nicely, however I'll admit that since the deadline has been extended out to the 30th for the KAL, I've been neglecting her for the past week.... but of course, she is still blinged out to the max with some beautiful markers!



The Amerah is dropping quite nicely... I'm glad I chose it for the project!


Contest update! Remember you have until April 25th to enter my contest... and there are many ways to do so. The prizes being donated by my crafty circle are just amazing, so don't miss out! In fact, the list of prizes has now grown to include Trekking sock yarn being donated by the wonderful Criquette (check out her blog for some amazing no-sew snuggles!) and a Paw Print scarf handknit by the amazing Chan!

A couple have arrived already, including a beautiful sock / small project bag from Gypsy Knits


The neck rice roll, ice pack and stitch marker holder from Blume's Accessories have also arrived (without any prior knowledge, Mary used the same adorable fabric!)


As you can see, there are tuns of great prizes and you don't even have to be a knitter to enjoy most of them!

Now on to doggy Thursday... well, first I do want to show you this wonderful bag that was gifted to me by the uber talented, and fellow doggy Mom, Gaylen!


Isn't it gorgeous (it even matches my favorite Vera Bradley tote - you can see it here, used as a backdrop)?!?!? Gaylen wasn't happy with the way it turned out with her pattern tweaks and when I commented on how beautiful it was, she said "its in the mail..." What a friend! Thank you again G - it will get a tun of use, that's for sure!

The DOT spring swap is winding down... and I just want to publicly express how much fun I had putting together this swap package! I got to spoil Kenyetta, with this...


I think this was the coolest package to put together, but don't get me wrong... I still love the "regular" knitting related swaps too! I haven't received my package yet, but I know who my spoilee is and know its on the way... :) Now I'm working on spoiling my Spring Coffee swap pal!

Now ... on to the kids! Are you sick of pictures yet? I won't keep you too much longer, I'll just share a few I snapped this morning while doing my knitting photo shoot (as always, click their linked names for even more cuteness)....

Lola was so happy that spring has finally arrived, she was zipping around the yard at full speed!


And then she posed nicely for Mommy...


Sophie was too busy following her nose to pose...


She followed it right on up to Mommy's knitterly photo shoot...


Zeus, my always perfect model, had fun zipping around looking for birdies...



I didn't manage to get any of Tut outside today, but got the usual look when I told him Mommy had to leave for work...

Tut_41708 Teutul_32508

Enjoy the rest of your spring day... and don't forget to enter the contest!


Cindy said...

Lovely knitterly work. The babies are so happy to be out and running without snow or ice to deal with. Sophie is definitely your tracker:)

Anonymous said...

Clappy's lookin' good. LOVE that sock bag. I shall have to email Kathy and whine...

Paula said...

What a great post!

Lots of doggy goodness!

I finished my clapotis for a scarf swap I wwas in but forgot to take pictures on the end result before I sent it off.
I asked my pal to send me a picture, so I post it next week.
I loved that pattern so much I just started a new one.
I love the colorway of your clappy and the scarves you are making!

Kathy R said...

Your doggy swap partner is getting a great package! I love your Clapotis. Someday I'll have to make one myself. Thanks for your comments. I have a bunch more photos in the convertible. The boyfriend was driving and I was illegally unbelted and on my knees leaning over the seat to take pictures. Luckily the neighborhood is quiet and there were no police officers observing me.

dogquilter said...

Your babies look like they are having lots of fun outside! Poor Tut looks terribly sad that his mom is going to work. What a sweet boy!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've got lots of knitting projects going on. Love those cute needles you're using for your Clapotis. Your doggie photos always show your gang having a good time.

silfert said...

I love that rainbow colorway ALMOST as much as the D.O.T. pictures!

Anita said...

Oh wow, look at all the goodies you're getting! Someone is going to be very lucky!

And look at all the knitting you have done! Everything looks great!

All the puppies looked happy to be out running in the yard. :)

Alana said...

Oooh, I just love the way your One Row Scarf is knitting up. I made one this past winter, but your yarn is more dramatic!

It's fun for the dogs to be able to play outside again. Mine don't go out a lot, but when they do they run wild laps in the yard that send little clumps of dirt and grass flying!

Anonymous said...

Your knitting looks amazing - I'm sure your pal will love either plan A or Plan B. And your dogs look so happy to be out enjoying the springtime. I've started making your springtime surprise thing and it's looking like something I want to keep for myself! I hope you like it too.

Your coffee swap pal

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh wow, lots of prizes and oh what a coincidence with the
Doggies look like they had a blast!! Gosh I'm behind
Love all the knitting and some of those colors are gorgeous!!

Kenyetta said...

We are still enjoying the swap package!
I love the brown/blue bag! Awesome.
I am still working up the nerve to try clapotis.
Snoop, Diamond, & the Humans

Unknown said...

Beautiful colors! Love that pattern /yarn choice!
Of course, also, adorable pups! I get that face when I'm driving away in the AM. Yep, they all are born with one of those!

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