Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears... vacation recap part 5

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Today is all about a final vacation recap with pictures from our day spent at the amazing Tiger World in Rockwell, NC! This is truly one very special sanctuary run by an amazing group of staff and volunteers. I was so intrigued that I'm actually working on becoming a long-distance volunteer myself (and we'll certainly be back to visit each time we go to Charlotte)!

Warning.... picture heavy post! Did I mention we have 350+ pictures from this year's Charlotte trip... well over 1/2 (maybe 2/3?) are from Tiger World! Enjoy...

TigerWorld_52309_GOODc TigerWorld_52309_LemurB

Aren't they just beauteous?



This adorable little baby was only a day old when we visited!

TigerWorld_52309_MonkeyBaby_GOOD TigerWorld_52309_MonkeyBaby_GOODb

The bears, Brutus and Cleo were really fun to watch. We came back to them several times, once finding Cleo wrapped up in a garden hose, rolling all around having the time of her life... apparently a volunteer mowing the lawn moved it too close to the enclosure and she stole it, resulting in some amusing tug-of-war games between Brutus, Cleo and two staff members...

TigerWorld_52309_bears_GOOD TigerWorld_52309_bears_GOODb

TigerWorld_52309_bearsQ TigerWorld_52309_bearsD

This is Miracle ... she was born at Tiger World.

TigerWorld_52309_MiracleL TigerWorld_52309_MiracleH

Some various beauties..

TigerWorld_52309_Monkey TigerWorld_52309_Parrot

TigerWorld_52309_MonkeyE TigerWorld_52309_peacockE

I feel in love with the tortoises, who were fun to feed!

TigerWorld_52309_Tortoise TigerWorld_52309_TortoiseE


More big kitties...

TigerWorld_52309zb TigerWorld_52309zf

I'll leave you with Mufasa, who was having fun charging at the fence... I was told that he doesn't usually greet visitors and must've liked us... awww!



Sue said...

What great pictures and what a neat place. Where do they get the tigers? Are they formerly 'pets' that the crazy owners had to give up?

We went to the Baltimore zoo one day to see two new tiger cubs just put on display. Their father apparently didn't approve of the crowd looking at his babes and sprayed the onlookers. Fortunately, we were well back in the crowd. The ones up front were pretty stinky.

SissySees said...

I'd love to go to the zoo again. I'll have to pick one and make a trip!

Learner Ros said...

I think all big cats are wonderful creatures. Thanks for sharing the pics

Dianne said...

I would love to see Tara come across one of those tortoises in the backyard!

Bubblesknits said...

Awesome pictures!!! Looks like a neat place to visit.

Anita said...

Great photos! Hey,you got to meet King Julian in person! LOL (madagascar)

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