Sunday, March 21, 2010

REVIEW: Fruitables pet food

Where to Find:
Fruitables Pet Food


"Combining nature's fruit and vegetable superfoods...

they're Fruitables."

The very first thing you will notice when you open a package of Fruitables dog treats is the delicious smell. Since we're still waiting on scratch 'n sniff interent... picture the most decadent pumpkin muffin, fresh from the oven with hints of cinnamon, vanilla and other fruits. The aroma is nothing short of amazing! I'd totally buy a Fruitables scented candle if they marketed it!

Fruitables_Zeus Fruitables_SophieLola

Fruitables dog treats measure 1" in diameter and are just 7.4 calories each - making them perfect for all dogs, big and small, and even those watching their wasteline. They come in four "pumpkin powered" varities - apple, banana, blueberry and cranberry. "Pumpkin Powered" - Nature's superfood - rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & E are a good source of dietary fiber and low in fat and sodium. A natural flavor that dogs love. (read more nutrition information here) Fruitables are available in two convenient sizes, 1.4 oz and 7 oz.

Fruitables_ZeusD Fruitables_LolaTutC

Dave DeLorenzo, President of President Vetscience LLC-Fruitables says "We deeply believe that treats and digestive health are not exclusive of each other and strive to deliver the highest quality, thoroughly researched and tested products to pet parents everywhere!"

I couldn't agree more and am thrilled to have found a company based on such beliefs. As a cautious dog Mom, I feel good about feeding my pack Fruitables. Not only are they Made in the USA (one of my top priorities in selecting treats), they are baked in a Certified Organic Facility. Fruitables are free of wheat, corn, soy and artificial ingredients, colors and preservatives.

The Lapdogs were all in agreement that each flavor of Fruitables is more delicious than the next! Even Zeus, who has a strong dislike for bananas, loved all four varities (shh... just keep the B-word to yourselves)! Fruitables are definitely a tasty win-win situation for everyone!

Fruitables_LolaD Fruitables_Lola

Fruitables also makes a canned Pumpkin Digestive Supplement which Lola just couldn't wait to get her nose on. The supplement is fortified for both cats and dogs and is nature's perfect little helper (and vet recommended) for upset tummy, loose stool, food transition, and weight loss - only 68 calories per cup! Combining harvest fresh pumpkin, ginger and cinnamon in a food supplement that tastes as good as it works, Pumpkin Digestive Supplement is a great tool to keep on hand (you can freeze leftovers in ice cube trays for extended freshness and cool treats).

Fruitables_LolaB Fruitables_Sophie

Fruitables clearly received the 16 Paws Up Lapdog Seal of Approval from the taste testers and 4 thumbs up from the humans! They will most definitely be one of our staple treats.

Teutul says, "I've got my stash of Fruitables... do you have yours?"



Channon said...

Okay, okay. Next time I'm in town, I'm checking to see if the store that Fruitables website says carries them does...

Marjie said...

Thor wants to know if the Fruitables people are smart enough to put the "Lapdog 16 Paws UP!" seal on their packages.

Anonymous said...

I can smell the pumpkin and the cinnamon. Yum. Oh, these are for dogs. The description would make any dog drool, maybe even a few humans. I like the idea of the pumpkin - as you said - it is good for upset tummies. I need to find these yummy treats for my dogs. I know they would give the treats the Lapdog Seal of Approval and a High Five. Thank you for keeping us informed.

Dianne said...

Yummy! I like the fact that they are organic and made in the US. I will have to try them for my babes.

Sue said...

The Portie Pack thought the blueberry ones were delicious.

Willow said...

Well... I must say I need to get Fudge some. I am always searching for small bags of food. He is an 8 pound long-haired chihuahua and doesn't eat much. The regular size bags always go stale (or so Fudge tells me), atleast get hard, before he ever gets close to finishing them.

We live in the 01339 zip code, so finding good, healthy, small bags of quality treats is always a hassle.
Thanks for telling me Nikki! 16 paws up is encouraging...

Gnat said...

How cool! My dogs would love this because they love fruits and veggies! Just this morning we split a banana! :)

Anita said...

Wow, I'm really behind on my reading.... sorry about that! I'm still alive, really. :)

I love the review! We don't have doggies anymore but if we did, this one would be a must have. Your pups are so dang cute when they get packages. LOL

Tanya said...

What a great review Nichole. My 4 dogs LOVE Fruitables, definately going to be a staple in our house. Thanks!!!

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