Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Reasons to Watch Football

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Reasons to Watch Football - and how appropriate given that I spent this past Sunday at the Pats Season Opener (which means lots of pictures mixed in below)! 

1. It's football - one of my top three favorite sports, along with hockey and NASCAR

Gillette_WarmUps_91210e NationalAnthem_91210

Pats Season Opener 2010
2. New England Patriots - I'm a life long fan, born and raised...

Tut, just one of our 4-legged Pats fans
 3. Sundays - they were made for R&F - relaxing and watching football - especially in the winter! Monday & Thursday nights occasionally work as well.

4. Knitting - knitting and football season go hand-in-hand... nothing beats a cold winter Sunday hanging out at home with the man & the pups, something yummy in the crock pot, something soft on the needles...

Welker_820095. Wes Welker - love to watch him zig and zag all over the field... love it even more when he's in the end zone!

WVU vs UCONN game 2008
6. College Games - while I'm not a college football fan myself, I have friends who are die-hards.... it's great to catch a game with them every now and then.

PreGame_91210c7. Doug Flutie - I'll never forget the BC Hail Mary pass (especially since I was watching the game at Nana's house) or the Patriots drop kick extra point in 2006... the first since 1941!

8. Community/Comradery/Friends - nothing beats hanging out with 68,000 at the stadium or 10 in someone's living room (however, the snacks are usually better in the living rooms)

Pats Season Opener game 9/12/10

9. Fantasy Football  - I finally gave in and played for the first time last year and I won my league!  Not off to such a great start in Week 1 this season, but I have hope...

10. Tedy Bruschi - the one and only, truly a class act....


I could go on and give you far more than 10 reasons to watch football, but instead I'll leave you with some more pics from Sunday's season opener at Gillette... 

Constantine Maroulis sang the National Anthem... 


Ready for some football!


Pats won, 38 - 24 over the Benagls!

Gillette_91210 WIN_91210


Anonymous said...

love the Pats. since i was a kid wish Tedy was still playing now my fav palyer has to be Wes Walker

PICAdrienne said...

Our High School team won there actual season opener 17-7. Their first game was forfeited, so it is in the W column, but not really satisfying. My son's MS team has their first game Thursday night. Looking forward to seeing the boy play.

SissySees said...

Never have been much on pro sports, but love college football almost as much as college basketball.

Jenn C. said...

Happy Ten on Tuesday to you too!

Looks like Sunday was a great day to be out at the game! I haven't been to a real live football game since I was in high school many years ago!

Kathy R said...

Isn't it great that football season has started?

Corbin said...

My mom and dad went to the NY Giants season opener on Sunday!

Marjie said...

You know, my littlest boy is a Patriots fan (and therefore Thor is, too), and he's going to be jealous that you go to their games. As for me, I wander through the room and make moronic comments like, "How many scores are there?" or, "Who's at bat?" so I won't be suckered into watching something I don't like.

And Jeff was pumped about the outcome of the WVU game last weekend, too.

Glad you had a great day!

Kathy said...

My husband and I were at that Doug Flute game where he kicked the field goal. It was on New Years day if I can remember

Seanna Lea said...

That is super cool. I was at the stadium only a couple of weeks ago to watch the New England Revolution (a much more affordable game to attend). My husband and I would be thrilled to watch a Pats game, especially earlier in the season when it isn't quite so cold!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! I wish I liked football, I get the appeal but just haven't gotten much further.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

jen said...

We love football and crockpot dinners on Sunday too:)
Looks like you had a great time at the game:)

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