Monday, October 04, 2010

Race Cars and Chili?

Monday already?  Just where did my weekend fly away too?

Welcome to ManchVegas
Yesterday we went to the 2010 World's Championship Chili Cookoff.  It was a perfect fall day for chili... cool and breezy, but warm in the sun.

Old Glory flying high above Veteran's Park
With the $5 admission we each got five competition sampling tickets and got to fight our way through the crowd wander around the competitor's tables trying to decide which ones to taste.  I'm not a spicy food fan, so while Matt went for the booths proclaiming hot & spicy, I tried to decide who was mild & tasty.  Surprisingly, most all were mild to moderate, although at least two that I tried were downright bland.  My favorite was #161, but sadly I can't recall where he was from.  My second favorite was from Hawaii... a little different, with just a touch of sweetness.   

There were also a wide variety of vendors and I was pleasantly surprised to run into Maydene and her Mrs. Beasley's Dog Treats (and I do believe you can still use the KCKELP coupon code to get 10% off during checkout).  After reviewing her wonderful dog treats, it was great to finally get to meet her in person!

MrsBeasleys_ChiliCookoff_10310 MrsBeasleys_ChiliCookoff_10310b

And you know I couldn't leave her booth empty handed.  I picked up some K.C.'s Kelp Krunchies, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Carob bones and Maple Mollies for the Lapdogs.


NewLegendsCar_10210Saturday was spent driving to Maine to pick up Matt's new Legends race car.  He's moving on from karting into the Legends series for 2011.  

The biggest question of the day... "Will it fit?" (in the trailer that is)  The answer...  "Just barely."

NewLegendsCar_10210c NewLegendsCar_10210f

Last weekend was more than likely his last kart race for awhile and he took home 2nd place. I finally decided to wear my "Got Kart?" t-shirt... anyone seen a "Got Legends?" one that I can replace it with?
StockHeavy_92610h StockHeavy_92610d

Matt_92610b MattNic_2nd_92610

How was your weekend?  Did it involve any race cars or chili?  

Thank You Mommy... but next time can I go with you?


Dawn said...

Awesome post! My son at one time wanted to race the go carts...kinda glad he changed his mind, I'd be a nervous wreck!:) Awesome to watch though!

Bubblesknits said...

That cart sure is tiny! The Legends car is pretty cool looking, though.

I've never been to a chili cook off before, but it sounds like fun.

SissySees said...

We watched THE race on Sunday... does that count?

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