Friday, October 22, 2010

Mail Call!

Happy Friday!  Sit back and grab a cup of your favorite beverage, as this is going to be one long Thank You post to some wonderful people.  When I returned home from vacation, there was a post office box overflowing with mail, including some fabulous birthday boxes and a swap package.
First is a birthday goody box from Chan (be sure to check out her Help Whip Cancer contest if you haven't already).  She sent a Barnes & Noble gift card (which will soon be used towards my Nook!), Lindt chocolates and a gorgeous scarf.... look at those colors... I LOVE it!  Oh and yes, those are dog treats in there too... because if you're a fellow dog Mama you know that we can not send a box to another human without including the furkids, right?
They not only know there is something there for them, but they could smell Chan's girls too...

Zeus thinks these smell REALLY good

Almost got 'em!

Tut and Sophie happily helped in the modeling department...ChanScarf

Are these my colors?
I'm too tired to care...

Thank you Chan... I love it all!  I wore the scarf the very next day and got a gazillion compliments!

KarenBdayBox_1010My dear friend Karen sent an adorable pumpkin hand towel, pumpkin candle, super soft aloe infused gloves and socks and Lil Zeus.  You may remember Newman (who she made for me at the start of race season) and Lil Tango (made for Tanya) ... well, now we have Lil Zeus, complete with a Patriots bandana! 

Lil Zeus & Newman




Can we eat 'em Mom?

Zeus and his namesake... are they not the most adorable pair you've seen today?  Thank you Karen... I truly cherish Lil Zeus!


A couple more birthday surprises... paw print wine bottle stoppers from my friend Kim and the cutest little gnome from the one-and-only GraceThank you ladies!
StashSockSwap_1010Are you still with me?  We're almost done!  Last, but certainly not least is the wonderful Stash Sock Club swap package I got from Heather in MN.  She included some great local items... a skein of Indieway Yarns sock yarn in a gorgeous colorway and Pumpkin Coffee from Cameron's
StashSockSwap_1010bStashSockSwap_1010dThere were lots of great knitting notions, including a decorative tape measure and yarn ball point protectors... the most adorable sheep notions wallet... chocolate... and a Barnes & Noble gift card (another one going towards my Nook!).  Thank you Heather!
Another Thank You to everyone ... it sure was a fun night opening up all the boxes of amazing goodies! 

ARF! I bite my mini-me!


Cat said...

Ooohhh - Chan knit you a Noro scarf! Looks like you're a well-loved birthday girl! Happy belated,

SissySees said...

Melt. Heck with all that other stuff... I love Zeus and mini-Z together!

Marjie said...

Curse you, Blogger, for eating my comment! The other stuff is nice, but Zeus's Mini-Z is the very best of all. THose are my favorite pictures!

Bubblesknits said...

Awesome packages!!!

Anita said...

Here I am trying to catch up again!! UGH

What great packages! I love all the photos, especially the ones of Zeus with his mini-me. he he, adorable!

Sue said...

Lil Zeus is so cute. What a nice collection of gifts. That was quite a haul.

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