Wednesday, February 02, 2011

No Shadows Here

Happy Worldess Wednesday / Groundhog Day!  We're in the middle of another blizzard and the Lapdogs did not see their shadow. I believe this means the neverending snow will stop soon... right???

Did someone say there's a Chucky outside?  Where, where?
We only see Daddy snowblowing the driveway... again.

Chucky in less snowier times... still no shadow!


WonderWhyGal said...

I bet Chucky is glad that the dogs didn't see him. tehehehe

Happy WW!
Happy Groundhog's Day!
Chillin' with Blizzard 2011

easygardener said...

Funny picture of the dogs. Hope your snow disappears soon!

jen said...

I am sorry for you that he did not see his shadow!!!
Maybe next year:)

Sue said...

Love the line up at the window. Our sow has stopped for now. Hope yours has, too.

SissySees said...

We're having a rather spring-like day here. Hope it moves northward.

Dawn said...

love, love that pic!

Robin said...

I LOVE that 1st picture! Let's hope Spring is on it's way!

Marjie said...

The editorial cartoon in my paper today shows the 2 guys in tuxes and top hats, in knee deep snow, with groundhog feet sticking out of the snow, asking, "I wonder what it means if he died of hypothermia?"

It made me laugh.

Your poor kids, wanting to go out and play.

Only Prettier said...

very sweet!

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