Monday, March 28, 2011

REVIEW: Freedom No-Pull Harness

Freedom No-Pull Harness
Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package - 1" Width Large Black/Silver


We recently got to review the Freedom No-Pull Harness from Wiggles Wags & Whiskers and I'll start right off by saying, this human gives it 2 thumbs way up!

Zeus_harness_22111mAll of the Lapdogs wear martingale collars on a daily basis, but when going for walks, I prefer the added control and safety of a harness.  Since they have not had any formal obedience training and we're pretty laxed about things, they all tend to be easily distracted and are pullers to some respect.  Due to his size and shape, it has been quite a quest to find the harness for Zeus. 

Wearing just the harness
With a 21" neck and 39.5" chest, a proper fit has always been an issue.  I'd buy something to fit his chest, but it would end up being too loose for his neck.  The Freedom No-Pull Harness has four points of adjustability, which means it can be adjusted to fit literally any dog body shape or type and after discussing sizes with the representative, we opted for the 2XL size.  It's a perfect fit!

Wearing the harness and his regular collar

Comfort is another issue when selecting a harness.  Some are so stiff, they can cut into the dog's legs.  The Freedom No-Pull Harness' comfort conscious design features nylon edges turned out and a super soft Swiss velvet lining to prevent rubbing and chaffing behind the legs.

Zeus_harness_22111bWith fit and comfort checked off the list, the next important feature is durability.  Clearly, my baby is a big boy and this is very important.  The Freedom No-Pull Harness features stainless steel d-rings to ensure it is more than strong enough to hold even the strongest dogs in check and the heavy duty nylon webbing is sewn using industrial X-stitching machines .

Zeus_22111cWith my 3 main concerns all properly checked off - fit, comfort and durability - the no pull design is next.  The Freedom No-Pull Harness features a martingale loop on the back of the harness, to tighten slightly around the dog's chest and discourage pulling, as well as a connection in the front that allows you to redirect attention back to you to make training your dog easy.  The harness is available separately or as a deluxe training package which includes a matching 2 connection leash and training brouchure.  This special leash allows you to connect to the front and back of the harness simultaneously, or connect to the back of the harness and a collar at the same time, providing additional control over your dog.  We received this fabulous deluxe package and used the harness with the leash connected to the front and back.  I feel this gave me added control with Zeus and love the style.  (In the outside photos he is wearing his normal collar as well, but we did not hook the leash up to that) 

The Freedom No-Pull Harness is 100% Made in the USA - which is a huge plus in our book -and is available in 20 different colors.  Not only does it fit well, but it is easy to get on and off.  There is no fussing, once adjusted properly it literally goes on in seconds!  We love it and couldn't be more pleased.  If you're looking for a no pull style harness, whether your dog is 14 or 250 pounds, look no further than the Freedom No-Pull Harness.  You won't be disappointed... and neither will your pooch, who I'm sure will get to go for more walks!
Reviewing a harness is hard work... time to rest.
We received the harness, free of charge, in exchange for our honest review. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I may receive a few pennies to assist in maintaining this blog.


SissySees said...

I only see one problem... We're retractable leash users. That webbed double-leash would slice my small hands up!

Sue said...

That sounds well thought out. I sometimes use the Easy Walker, but it does chafe the front legs if I'm not careful. This sounds like it gives great control options, too. I'll have to check it out.

Marjie said...

Thor won't even think of lying down when he has his harness on! He knows that means it's adventure time! He would probably need a 5XL if Zeus needs a 2XL!

jen said...

I was just talking about harness's on my FB page.
I tried one once(it wasn't a no pull one) on Sherman and I didn't feel like I had enough control if a situation would arise. Do you really think the offer better control than a martingale? Just wondering because I am thinking of switching.

Jordan said...

Awesome! Thankfully, we don't need one for our pup :)
Jordan @ Rainbow Veins

Debra said...

This is a wonderful harness for dogs from 14 lbs. up to 200 lbs. It is designed to work with the nylon lead which has two clips, one for each d-ring, front and back. It is a training harness you can use to redirect your dog's attention away from what they are lunging towards. Even better, it's made in the USA. We have them for our Golden Retrievers and I can walk them at them same time and maintain control.

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