Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Double Trouble, Take Two!

Did you catch my drive-by post about our foster girls, Rosie and Sookie yesterday?  Yes, that's right.... we finally had a weekend off from racing and time to get stuff done around the house and what did we do?  We decided to foster not one, but two tiny tykes...

They are so full of energy... and puppy breath!  Love that puppy breath!  That's Rosie (short-haired, beagle/chihuahua mix) on the left and Sookie (long-haired, cavalier king charles spaniel mix) on the right.

Rosie_62511 Sookie_62611c

Of course, all that go-go-go eventually means crash.

Sookie_62511c Sookie_62611e

Rosie_62511j Rosie_62511g

Lola has been portraying the Mama role very nicely.  When she thinks their wrestling is getting out of hand or they're making too much noise, she runs quickly to break it up and tell them to calm down. 


MamaLola_RosieSookie_62511g Lola_Rosie_62511f

While they both adore their foster Mama, Rosie seems especially taken with Lola.  Perhaps she looks like a giant version of her real Mama?

Lola_Rosie_62511b MamaLola_Rosie_62511d

Lola_Rosie_62611b Lola_Rosie_62511h

Zeus thinks that all is good when the pups are calm... he can get his nap in too.

Zeus_SookieRosie_62511e Zeus_SookieRosie_62511h

Teutul puts up with them, so long as they remember that he is the baby...

Tut_Rosie_62611d Tut_Rosie_62611e

Sophie wants to know why we laugh and think our little girl looks like a giant around the pups...
Sophie_Rosie_62511e Sophie_RosieSookie_62611b

Sophie_Sookie_62611b Sophie_Rosie_62611

Hope you didn't mind the picture-heavy overload of cuteness.  I actually had over 150 photos from two days (digital photography rocks) and narrowed it down to around 135.  Yes, that means there's plenty more cuteness where these came from... there might even be video too.  Stay tuned!


gypsyknits said...

aawww....they're adorable. How nice of your brood to take them under paw ;).

WonderWhyGal said...

puppy! Puppy! PUPPY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Puppies...even stinky shedding long tongued Beagles....PUPPY!


Bubblesknits said...

Ohmygoodness! I love the pics of them with Lola. :D

Kathy R said...

What cuties! Either the babies are tiny or your pups are huge. I'm guessing the babies are tiny.

SissySees said...

Darling little pups... paws crossed they find great forever homes!

jen said...

Looks like they are in good hands!
Love the pictures!

yarnophiliac said...

oh dear. not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that Chewie is all I need and can handle -- that Sookie looks like something else!

gtyyup said...

Oh my...you've got a house full of pups!!! I can smell the puppy breath from here...they're oh so cute! How sweet of Lola to be a temp mom...she looks very proud of herself.

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