Tuesday, June 07, 2011

REVIEW: Chew 'n Tug Elk Antler Chew

Chew 'n Tug Elk Antler Chews
Where to Find: Wapiti Labs, Inc.

Chew 'n Tug, (l-r) 2-Knot and Loop

ChewnTug_ZeusOne of our favorite manufacturers of antler chews, Wapiti Labs, Inc., has just released a brand new product, Chew 'n Tug. 

Chew 'n Tug is a 100% natural, long lasting dog chew toy consisting of an elk antler piece attached to a cotton rope.  There are no preservatives and best of all, they are Made in the USA!

ChewnTug_Sophie2The Lapdogs received two Chew 'n Tug toys to review, one 2-Knot and one Loop (see photo above).  They absolutely love both and don't seem to have a preference for the rope style... they just got nutso for each one and can't wait to get their chompers on the antler.

ChewnTug_LolaAntlers have quickly become a favorite in our house by both the dogs and humans.  As a concerned dog parent who takes great care to give her dogs only the healthiest, most wholesome treats possible, I highly recommend antler chews to any dog parent.  We no longer give our dogs rawhide at all and instead opt for antlers.  They are an all natural, renewable source, which makes antlers not only a healthy treat for our dogs, but an environmentally friendly treat as well. Antlers support bone, joint and muscle health and have quickly become very popular in the dog world.

ChewnTug_Sophie3Wapiti Labs, Inc. gets their antlers from accredited, farm-raised herds at Wolf Creek Elk Ranch in Sturgeon Lake, MN.  The bulls and cows are carefully selected to ensure breeding of the healthiest stock possible and all of their animals are certified by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health, as well as registered with the North American Elk Breeders Association.   
 Routine health checks and inventory programs keep the animals in optimal health. They are raised in a completely natural environment and to reduce stress, the ranch does not exceed two animals per acre of grazing land.  

ChewnTug_outtake_LolaTutThe Lapdogs give their official 16 Paws Up Seal of Approval to the new Chew 'n Tugs! They can't get enough and are drooling for more!  In fact, they think every single dog out there should get a Chew 'n Tug for the 4th of July... yea, so it's not really a gift giving holiday, but Lola certainly thinks it is since she celebrates her birthday on the 4th! 


SissySees said...

Antler good. Rope toy? Dunno. My girls have zero interest.

Marjie said...

I've been leery of rawhide for Thor, since the big bones he needs seem to give him gum problems. He did get an antler as a present a while back, and these might be just what Thor needs!

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