Thursday, June 16, 2011

We GOT the Cup!!!!



I've never been happier be a Boston girl and after what the Vancouver fans did last night - from the boos during the trophy presentations to the riots in the streets - I've never been prouder to LOVE that dirty water!  If you didn't catch my post yesterday, jump back one post to see my Round 1 game photos. 

Obviously, I had to borrow these AP photos to share with you today...


Chara_Cup Marchand_cup

Horton might not have been able to play in the game last night, but he brought the home town ice for our boys... seeing him hoist that cup was wonderful!  Timmy getting the MVP trophy was the icing on the cake!

Horton_Cup Stanley Cup Bruins Canucks Hockey

Claude can smile.... who knew?

Team_Cup Claude_Cup

Milan and Cam, almost a "like father, like son" moment.... and Recchi being able to go out on top is just wonderful!

MilanCam Recchi_Cup

Everyone in Beantown sported their black & gold during this series... including George, Paul, the ducks... and of course, Zeus!

WashingtonBruins Paul Revere copy

bruins-ducklings Zeus_6811b

And now... we dance......


Deborah said...

Good Game!! Go Bruins!!

SissySees said...


Kathy R said...

Congrats to your team!

I love the photos of the ducks, George W., and Paul wearing the colors. When I was in Boston in April none of them were dressed, but there were banners for the Bruins and Celtics hanging from the state house.

Pippen said...

Well, we have to say that the best team won... but it was fun having the Canucks in the finals.

Maybe next year we will win!

Sam and Pippen

jen said...

BOL! Congratulations! are you just a bit excited?

Marjie said...

I knew last night you'd be cheering!

A police dept about 30 miles south of here had to rescue 9 ducklings whose mama was killed in traffic. They took them to a local park where other ducks were hanging around. Your Make Way For Ducklings statue picture reminded me of them.

HH and The Boys said...

Fill that cup with kibble and celebrate... Congrats!!!

pawhugs, Max

Sue said...

We're dancing here, too. I was watching in 72, last time they brought home the cup. I love those ducks.

Sirahal said...

Hate to be something of a spoil sport, but, as a Vancouverite, I feel I must state the following:

The majority of the rioting was not actually caused by the fans, but instead by people who came out with the explicit intent of causing trouble.
The majority of Vancouverites (and British Columbians/Canadians as a whole) are actually VERY upset and utterly disgusted by the goings on, and have all rallied together in the hopes of identifying as many offenders as possible, as well as get the city cleaned up.

Most of the true hockey fans I've heard from actually applaud the Bruins for having won (and the Canucks simply for having made it so far).

Lapdog Creations said...

While I appreciate the comment from "Vancouverite" and hope that they do catch all the jerks, why post as "unknown" ??

Sirahal said...

*Is Unknown Vancouverite above*

Because I'm having issues with profile creation.
I THOUGHT I had it set to post as "Sira" or "Sirahal" Apparenlty not.

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